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Using Speech Analytics to Improve Your Contact Center

Speech Analytics to Improve Your Contact Center

In proverbial terms, the best Speech Analytics software is a means to an end that is efficient operations. It’s a technology that’s deployed by businesses that believe in optimizing their Customer Experience & Contact Center Operations. Those who believe in the power of data, both qualitative & quantitative, look for patterns in the interactions they have with their customers.

It can be tedious to sieve through conversations manually, hence organizations ever go beyond a single-digit percentage of customers to look for insights on their contact center operations. The insights derived may hence be unreliable and also not fully reflect the experience the customers would have with their business. In order to get a full understanding of their contact center operations and further improve it, businesses now rely on Speech Analytics Solutions.

With Speech Analytics Solutions, businesses can gather insights from 100% of the conversations they have with their customers- from recorded calls, video interactions to recorded conversations. Since all interactions are sieved through the best speech analytics software, the insights are reliable and informative in the sense that they can let businesses understand what has gone wrong in the past, what’s being done right presently and what they can do to increase their brand loyalty in the future.

Let’s look at the many ways a business can use to improve their Contact Center-

  1. Look at the common queries the business gets from customers – By Analyzing all the customer calls, the Contact Center managers can figure out what sort of queries are the most common amongst customers. These could be queries that could be easily solved by improving the FAQ on the website and application in order to offer customers a better CX without having to spend time calling an agent and explaining the grievances to them.
  1. Figure out which agents are doing a good job & which ones need training- The complete transcription and analysis of customer calls empower team leads and contact center managers to retrieve data on the overall performance of their teams and individual agents. This can help leaders devise training plans and modules as per the needs of their agents in order to improve their performance and hence, overall operations.
  1. Find out which call scripts need improvement & which need to be discontinued – The complete understanding of customer conversations also helps understand which call scripts are more effective and lead to the closing of sales and overall boosting of Customer experience, and also which should be replaced for better scripts. Contact Center managers can optimize the conversations they should be having with their customers
  1. See the kind of product problems customers are facing and help the product team to devise better solutions- Contact Center is a touchpoint wherein businesses can get very direct feedback from their customers on the kind of services, offerings, and products they provide. By analyzing customer interactions, businesses can expect a goldmine of information on their current offerings. The business intelligence derived would be unmatched and aid the business in offering the best possible offerings to their customers.

How the Best Speech Analytics Software function to improve Contact Center

Now let’s look at how Speech Analytics Solutions work to aid businesses to improve their Contact Center Operations-

The best Speech Analytics Software like Knowlarity’s Programmable Speech Analytics Platform Built with Google Cloud, let contact centers use the Speech Analytics Solutions as is to drive conversational analysis. They can enter domain/industry-specific words to completely analyze customer interactions. The Speech Analytics Platform comes with a dashboard that reflects data specific to the keywords. All conversations are transcripted and analyzed, with custom filters that let contact center managers and team leads to retrievingetrieve insights as per requirement. The business intelligence received is unparalleled and can aid businesses across industries find out ways to improve not only their contact center performance but also their offerings and business performance.

About Knowlarity:

Knowlarity is a cloud communication company that enables automated communication workflows by allowing businesses to work online via Cloud. It allows businesses to work on an effective communication network via cloud solutions such as Embeddable Video Platform, AI-enabled solutions like Programmable Speech Analytics Platform, ChatBot/Voicebot and Virtual Numbers, Softphone, Cloud Contact Center, and more. Knowlarity has the ability to empower your teams with virtual working solutions to ensure business operations don’t get affected by enabling working from anywhere. For more information, please visit https://www.knowlarity.com.