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Vape Best Practices: Things to Avoid to have a Superb Vaping Experience


Vaping can be a pleasurable experience if you go about it the right way. It’s not like a cigarette that you fire it up and throw off the butt once you are done. Although now, there are vaping devices that are as disposable as a cigarette. Anyhow, you need to be a little cautious when vaping so that you have the best experience. Vaping in Pakistan is growing, and there are few things you need to be careful of.

In this article, we shall surf through the practices that you should avoid at all costs:

Buying Stuff from Unknown Sources

You need to know what you vape. Be it devices or flavors. If you wish to have safe vaping devices, then always go for renowned brands. With safe brands, you can always go online and check for reviews. This stands true for both; electronic devices and flavors.

Observe special caution when purchasing flavors. Never make a purchase where you don’t know or can’t figure out what’s in the flavor. The whole point of vaping is to have safe nicotine ingestion. If you don’t know the ingredients in your flavor, then it’s as bad as smoking. Always procure flavors from reliable and well-known brands.

Also, never shop at shady vape stores. Only go for reliable vape stores like E-lite. We have a range of the best flavors from famous brands, and you can purchase your favorite ones without a hint of doubt.

Overcharging your Devices

Look after your devices. Don’t put them on charge for more time than what’s absolutely necessary. Sure a couple of minutes up after a full charge isn’t detrimental. However, leaving your devices on charge overnight can cause the batteries to swell and damage your device.

This information isn’t here to scare you but to make you cautious. If you want your devices to last long, then you gotta care for them. Overcharging your device once in a blue moon is fine, but you won’t get away if you practice this often.

Taking Dry Hits

Make sure that your device is thoroughly primed before you use it. This usually happens when you replace a pod or coil. While this isn’t a common practice, vapers do get impatient and start puffing straight after replacing their pods and coils.

You need to let the juice seep into the cotton. A dry hit will give you a burnt taste, and the vapor will directly hit the lungs. That’s a super bad thing to have. Avoid this by simply letting your juice sit in the new pod/coil for a few minutes, and then you can enjoy vaping as usual.

Getting Dehydrated

This is one well know the downside to vaping that can be easily avoiding. Vaping leaves your mouth and throat dry. You’ll feel dehydrated, which isn’t a good thing. The whole point of vaping is to have a better substitute for cigarettes.

All you got to do to avoid dehydration is to increase your water intake. That’s it!

Thrashing New Vapers

Just don’t do it. While the vaping community is pretty welcoming, on the whole, there are few vapers who like to judge the choices of other vapers. Like at times, the high-wattage mod users laugh off at the clouds produced by salt-nic devices.

If you are one of them, then please stop—no need to be cocky!

Remember that everyone has a different intention as to why they switch to vaping. Always be helpful and guide them in any way possible rather than thrashing their choices.

Final Words

Vaping industry is fast replacing tobacco in Pakistan. The market was ripe for new ways of nicotine consumption, and vapes just brilliantly filled the gap. It is definitely a better choice because you get to have the supreme nicotine hits without consuming other harmful chemicals and carcinogens that are present in cigarettes.

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