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Various Options Under Browserstack Alternative – Choose Depending On Your Preference Level


Are you looking for some of the best browserstack alternative or competitors? There are some major factors to consider while you are looking for some alternatives to replace BrowserStack App. It has to do with reliability and ease of use. There is a compiled list of probable solutions for you to give out a try. They are voted to be some of the best alternatives, which can take the place of BrowserStack. You can go through all the possible options and then make a choice based on the features available and the variations.

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User Testing:

The Human Insight Platform from User Testing will help out the companies to see, talk and hear their customers when they get to engage with the apps, products, and messaging. Over half of the global brands and top 100 brand partners have been using User Testing to help them to make some more informed decisions. It all depends on the customer’s feedback. You can try this option for free of cost and understand why it is holding the number one spot.


Xcode 6 is known to introduce a new way of designing and building software. Swift happens to be the most innovative form of programming language for the Cocoa Touch and Cocoa. When you combine these two with Xcode tools, it will give rise to a delightful live experience of programming. You can further enjoy the live rendering within the interface builder. It displays the hand-written UI code within the current design canvas, and that will instantly reflect the changes that you type down in the code.

Ranorex Studio:

With the help of Ranorex Studio, you can set up a robust structure of test automation scripts for wider ranges of mobile, web, and desktop applications. For executing and managing the automated tests, this tool will offer a comprehensive form of test automation tools. These are solely based on the current standard programming languages and techniques, which will make them really ideal for all-sized teams. So, you can get a quote for the services from the studio and then start using it in place of BrowserStack.

Sauce Labs:

The test automated-based cloud from Sauce will enable the QE / QA and other developers to easily perform the functional JS unit. It will further help with manual testing with the Selenium and Appium on the mobile and web apps. You can cover that in over 500 browsers or OS combinations. Moreover, you can get the screenshots and videos for a secure, easy debugging, and CI-ready perspective. Mobile app testing is one category from the house of Sauce Labs, which remains the same as that of BrowserStack.

Test Complete:

The test complete platform will have that open form of flexible architecture, which helps to create, maintain and execute the automated tests across the web, desktop, and mobile in a speedy, easy and cost-effective manner.


Have you been looking for a cloud-centric mobile testing lab? If so, then Perfecto is the one for you. It will help you with the mobile app development alongside testing. In the end, managing apps gets a lot easier when you have such a company by your side to help big time.

Test IO:

Noted to be a global leader in the field of software crowd testing, Test IO will enable the fast-moving software-based development team members with the much-needed platform for that QA on-demand testing. It will cover the testing throughout the whole development cycle.

The test setup is going to take just a few minutes, and then the team will dynamically allocate the testers in their real-world conditions. The main goal is to fit with the specified testing needs. So, you don’t have to deal with the QA bottlenecks much towards the end of sprints. Test IO will make the software team not just faster but even more flexible than what it was before!

Test Flight:

Mainly known to be a mobile application, Test Flight will help you to install and beta test the apps on the iOS device. It is one great way to offer your developers much-needed feedback on the tested features in the pre-release section.


Also known to be an Android emulator for testing and building out the Android Apps, Genymotion presents some pre-configured devices. It will have the ability to create your own customized devices for your use.


Noted to be a continuous testing platform, pCloudy is meant for web and mobile app testing needs. It will be used for performing various automation and manual test runs and will further help you in connecting to real mobile devices. It can also connect with desktop browsers to avail of multiple services.

So, let’s not waste any time further and choose any one of the alternatives mentioned in place of BrowserStack. Options are unlimited, and you get to choose whichever seems fitting.