Home Health Video Game- Does it always harms or has some benefits also?

Video Game- Does it always harms or has some benefits also?

Video Game- Does it always harms or has some benefits also

For decades, kids and even seniors have been enthralled by video games. However, with the advent of mobile game systems and smartphone apps, this reached new heights. Video games have become one of the most popular pleasures and time pass in the globe. Video games have numerous advantages and disadvantages. It’s also useful to know how video games affect you if you are gamer yourself or know someone who is.

Everything has its advantages as well as its disadvantages; no one whether it is living being or non-living has its existence on the earth without its pros and cons. Video games too has its own advantages and disadvantages depending upon how we use it.

Pros of Video Games

  • Releases stress

Are you bored up with studying or working all day? Try your hand on games, something that relieves stress, and help your mind heal quickly. Gaming gives the mind a nice adrenaline surge, which helps to relieve tension. After a good gaming session on your console, or when riding back to home, a person remains joyful and at ease.

  • Improvement in daily skills

Game requires fast decision making ability as well as better hand-eye coordination. Another key feature of wonderful beings is their capacity to perform well in everyday situations. Young gamers have been shown to have better hand- eye coordination and attention spans after playing video games. Furthermore, because these gamers spend so much time learning numerous paths and maps in their favourite games, video games have been shown to improve their memory and ability to make quick decisions.

  • Reduces anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are the leading cause of suicides and other health related problems. However, the easiest solution to this is game, play and play. Yes! You read it write games are considered to be the biggest reducer of anxiety and depression. They are a type of activities that let you involve in fun distracting you from the anxiety.

Because adolescent gamers spend less time connecting with the harsh facts of life and instead prefer to spend their time playing video games, it has a favourable effect on their mental health. In the long run, they get speedy relief from anxiety and depression.

  • Sound knowledge of history and culture

A number of video games pique children’s interest in history and culture. For many children, video games and movies are one of their first introductions to former cultures and civilizations. Games like Age of Empires, civilization pique kids interest in history and encourage them to learn more about it.

There’s a lot we have talked in the favour of gamers, but games carries with it serious complications as well that can destroy a gamer mentally as well as physically.

Cons of Video games

  • Risk of addiction

Games are highly addictive and, in the long term, can damage the social lives of gamers and other elements of their existence. As per some studies, at least one out of every ten adolescent gamers is hooked to video games, which can have serious consequences for their mental and physical health.

Psychiatrists all across the world are already providing treatment programmes to assist young gamers overcome their addictions and become productive citizens.

  • Gamers might be tempted to gambling

Loot boxes and micro transactions in modern video games are linked to gambling since they encourage compulsive spending.

Gamers with a gaming addiction may also acquire a gambling addiction, which is exacerbated by the seeming ease with which gambling-like features may be found in modern games. Many of these games are played by youngsters, which mean that they have access to real-money gambling techniques.

Bottom Line

Video games can assist young gamers not only become financially independent at a young age, but they can also provide them with a variety of health benefits in the long run. Cons, on the other hand, are an important aspect of video games for young people, and parents should be there to supervise their gaming activities.

At the end of the day, if young gamers do not misuse video games and spend a full day playing, they can greatly enhance their problem-solving skills, social skills, mental health, executive functioning, and be lucrative.