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According to a PwC report, the AR and VR industry is valued at $ 46 billion in 2019 and will grow 30 times by 2030.

Let’s ignore the mixing of AR and VR. Pay attention to the date – 2030. It is now a new planning horizon in the VR world. Either the number is beautiful, or Zuckerberg said how he cut it off. Be that as it may, there is no market for Virtual Reality right now. And it’s time to ask a logical question: can it be in nature?


Despite the fact that the launch of Virtual Reality technologies into mass production is moving at a slower pace than many expected, it will not be consigned to oblivion. As we learn to design increasingly complex games, 5-D attractions, and other VR applications, it will gradually become an integral part of our lives. And it will not be like anything we have already encountered or what we can expect.

Naturally, we still have to put on some devices on our heads, but they will more and more resemble ordinary glasses or a mask, and also include Augmented Reality, i.e., contain familiar elements from real life. But what a person can see or do at the same time will significantly exceed our current understanding of virtual reality.

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We will, of course, have games, but they will be significantly different from those we are used to now. The difference will be about the same as between chess – and The Legend of Zelda, or Monopoly – and Call of Duty. We do not yet know exactly how the language of virtual reality will change, but as we learn and develop more and more, games made for VR will also evolve, so over time they will become more and more different from what we used to think of like a game. … This shouldn’t be surprising – it took cinema 20 years to come up with its own unique visual language, different from the language of plays or books, and in virtual reality, we are now moving in the same direction.

VR today

Today, special goggles or a helmet are mostly used to immerse oneself in an artificial world. The headset is worn on the head and has a simple principle of operation. In front of the user’s eyes is a display – it is displayed on the desired video. An accelerometer and a gyroscope are attached to the body. They allow you to track head movements and send information to the program. Depending on the indicators of the sensors, the image on the display changes.

In this way, a person gets more opportunities and can look around the virtual world. Today, plastic lenses are actively used. They make the picture clearer and focus on it. The most realistic dive can also use different kinds of tracking systems:

  1. Motion tracking. Allows you to track user movements and then play them back in a virtual environment. Tracking is done using a camcorder or sensors.
  2. Eye-tracking systems. Pupil movements are monitored, ie, determine where the user is looking. Such systems are not in great demand in the commercial market and are commonly used in science and medicine.
  3. 3D controllers. To achieve a high level of comfort, simple joysticks are replaced by multifunction controllers. Such manipulators allow you to work effectively in the virtual world.
  4. Feedback devices. Used for the most realistic sensations. For example, swivel chairs, vibrating joysticks and more can be used.

A computer or game console has long been used to create 3D images. However, headsets that work well with modern mobile phones are popular today. This decision allowed to reduce the cost of equipment and abandon the use of previously listed funds.

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Virtual reality will also change the way we perceive certain events. For example, if you are a fan of a sport, you can watch the performance of your favorite team or athlete from the best places – at home. You can even switch between different cameras or areas on the field at the touch of a button – for example, you can move from the main base on the baseball field to the stands, and then immediately – back to the first base. In order to make this possible, it is necessary to ensure the transfer of a large amount of data, but the development of the infrastructure is inexorably moving forward so that we will definitely have such an opportunity.

The first obvious prediction about virtual reality is that it will be used for entertainment. Fundamentally new will be that now it will be used not only in the entertainment industry – but, perhaps, for everything in the world.

Would you like to sit at a table and talk to someone face to face instead of just calling or texting? Or maybe you would like to watch a movie together? You will have such an opportunity! Do you want these meetings to take place on the beach, in the rainforest, or on Mars? Done! Our world is becoming more compact – this process began with the development of transport, mail, the invention of the telephone, and the Internet and will continue thanks to virtual reality technology.

Tired of sitting at the computer all day? Well, you are lucky, and this will be one of the key changes that will come into our lives with the development of virtual reality – the way we work and organize our workday. Data modeling for Virtual Reality is one of those aspects of research that is mostly hidden from view at the moment but will give maximum results in the future. Everything we are used to seeing in a flat, two-dimensional image on the screen will come to life, gain volume and surround us everywhere. Will this lead to more efficient work, better analysis, and a deeper understanding of the economy, science, and society as a whole? Probably. But it will definitely change our view of the world and will definitely lead us to new solutions.

Virtual Reality today is a new musical instrument that no one can play yet, but once we master it, we will be able to compose songs and symphonies that we could not even dream of before.