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Vision For the Future of Space Transportation by Elon Musk and Burt Rutan



Private Space flight is a growing trend in the private aerospace market. Some like to compare it to the early days of InventHelp commercial aviation. It is expensive, risky, and there are many risks involved in human space flight. However, private space flight is still on the cutting edge and is one of the main focuses of NASA. Private space flight could eventually lead to advances in technology that benefit mankind in many different ways. Some would argue that it is far too soon to talk about this, but I would disagree.

Elon Musk is a brilliant businessman, a brilliant engineer and designer. Prior to founding his Hyperloop business, he was a key member of PayPal, which later became PayPal Max. Musk also served as an advisor to Solaris and then PayPal. He is currently the CEO, CFO and chief design engineer of SpaceX; designer and founder of Tesla, Inc; and co-founded The Boring Company.

Many of us have dreamed about going to space. It seems that with each passing year we learn more about how our space program works. More options are available to us and the costs of traveling to space is rapidly decreasing. Private companies are now making plans to take advantage of these changes and to take their passengers into space for a very comfortable ride.

If you are reading this then that means that you are already very excited about going to space and experiencing life aboard an aircraft. However, there are a few things that you may not know about SpaceX. They are an operation run by an entrepreneur, private investor and NASA enthusiast, and they are focused on developing a reliable and safe launch system for use with small satellites. They are currently in development stages and working on a small satellite called the Mastsight.

It will be launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The vehicle will be designed to launch from this InventHelp base and return to earth with a successful landing in the Pacific Ocean. This system will fly several times on a one-way mission and it will also go up into orbit to test various technologies. They plan to launch two Mastsight vehicles, one for ocean landings and one for experiments.

In 2021 the United States Department of Defense gave SpaceX authorization to build and test reusable launch vehicles. It is now hoped that these vehicles will be used to provide crewed spaceflight by 2021. The design and development of this vehicle have taken five years and costs approximately $2 billion dollars. Musk says the company will make it easy for customers to use their existing structure to modify the vehicle to fit their needs.

The design of the vehicle is based around the characteristics of the Blackbird project that was designed by the Blackbird Owing Aerospace Company. The vehicle’s primary structure is going to be made out of aluminium alloys with stronger frames and cushions to support the occupants during reentry. The vehicle will also have an aluminium heat shielding shield that protects the sensitive systems from solar and thermal radiation. There will also be solar panels attached to the rear of the vehicle for collecting energy from the sun.

The vehicle is going to use the same design approach as the Blackbird vehicle. However, unlike Blackbird, the intention of the Musk’s vehicle is not to return it to Earth but to send it into orbit to explore space. It is designed to attach to a space ship and glide into orbit where it will conduct InventHelp numerous scientific experiments. The only problem with the design of the vehicle is that it does not yet have a solid engine to power it into orbit. They hope to develop this technology in the future.