Home Networking VoIP Phone System: Introduction, Working, Importance, & Benefits 

VoIP Phone System: Introduction, Working, Importance, & Benefits 

IPPBX is providing a VoIP phone system that can work with all industries and with any size of the firm because of the scalable features it offers. 


IPPBX is providing a VoIP phone system that can work with all industries and with any size of the firm because of the scalable features it offers.

A good quality phone system is considered the cornerstone of effective business communication. Although there are a great number of phone options out there, yet they are not all offering the quality that can make your business excel. VoIP technology often referred to as cloud PBX, is the most advanced communication system. It offers so many productive features besides things like flexibility, portability, security, and other characteristics of this sort. This is why almost every other business has now upgraded their old office phone with a VoIP phone system.  

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that doesn’t require any phone lines, rather it works via the internet. This quality makes this phone the most economical option of all. Moreover, with VoIP, you don’t necessarily have to buy expensive hardware; the system can work with any internet-enabled device buffet and sideboards. If you are still confused about whether to go for this technology, this blog is a full blend of information that can help you in decision-making.

VoIP Phone System: An Introduction: 

VoIP is a relatively new technology and it uses the internet for making and taking phone calls. As internet usage has grown over the past few years; many businesses have started using VoIP technology for communication. It is a simple yet cost-effective way to manage a large number of phone calls.

Though the first-ever VoIP system was built in 1974, it has evolved a lot, especially in the 1990s after the advent of the internet. Internet-based VoIP technology was launched in 1995. The call quality and many of the features it offers have improved with time. The modern form of cloud PBX uses high-speed broadband internet. And thus, VoIP telephony is the default choice of a business’s office phone for their communication needs.

How do VoIP Phone Systems Work?

Unlike traditional landline phones, VoIP technology doesn’t require any circuit wiring. The system runs totally via the internet protocol. This technology works by taking the analog signals of your call and converting them into digital data. These data packets are then transmitted over the internet. And while your call is established, these data packets, after reaching the recipient end, are converted back to their original form. These analog signals now become an understandable message for the receiver. To your surprise, all this is done within microseconds and you will not get even a hint of this.

Furthermore, with VoIP, you don’t necessarily have to have some high-tech hardware phones for communications. You can use any internet-enabled device and some service providers even allow you to use your previous desk phones for communications. VoIP solutions offer a much higher rate of efficiency and productivity due to the large number of services it offers.

Some Benefits that a VoIP Technology Offers:

VoIP has many advantages over traditional phones. Here are a few of the benefits you can avail yourself with VoIP:

VoIP Solution Drastically Reduces Your Communication Cost:

When it comes to the cost of a business phone; there are three expenses you need to consider. First, the installation cost. As with VoIP, you don’t need any type of expensive hardware or circuit wiring for installation, the installation cost of VoIP is almost zero.

The second, the cost of maintenance. As with VoIP, the maintenance is entirely on the service provider, the user doesn’t incur much maintenance cost. Third, per-call cost. The per-call cost of VoIP is much economical than other phones and some VoIP providers are even offering free local calls.

More Flexibility:

VoIP offers a great deal of flexibility; you don’t necessarily have to be present on your desk for taking and making calls. The call routing feature of VoIP makes you able to receive your calls wherever you are. Moreover, the VoIP technology doesn’t restrict you to specific phone hardware for communication. Any device that can work through an internet connection is capable of making your calls.

Easy Scalability:

Unlike other phones, where for every new connection you need to install new wiring, VoIP adds phone lines for new hires with just a few clicks. Removing the lines is equally as simple dining chairs online.

VoIP Offers a Great deal of Business Features:

VoIP phone system offers a host of useful features to its users. These features bring more value than the savings in call cost. Here is a list of some of the business features that VoIP solution offers to the business world:

  • Door phone entry buzzer
  • Call monitoring
  • Call transfer
  • File transfer
  • Call forwarding
  • Instant messaging
  • Call conferencing
  • Find me/follow me call routing
  • Voicemail to email transcription
  • Bandwidth utilization and inbound/outbound call detail reports
  • Call recording
  • On the call coaching tools, and many more.