Check out why you need a VPS Philippines for your blog

Interested in starting a blog but not sure which hosting plan to choose? Then you should consider VPS hosting Philippines! You must be thinking why I am saying so A shared hosting plan might seem … Read More

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Interested in starting a blog but not sure which hosting plan to choose? Then you should consider VPS hosting Philippines!

You must be thinking why I am saying so

A shared hosting plan might seem like an excellent option for a brand-new blog, but you’ll soon run into limitations if your visitor traffic increases spikes overnight. This is when VPS hosting really shows off its skills. Even a starter VPS Philippines package is enough for a blogger who just wants to add some additional resources to host his/her blogging site. 

Before digging into the depth of why you need a VPS in Philippines for your blog, let’s first understand what Virtual Private server hosting is. 


What is Virtual Private Server hosting?

Virtual Private Server hosting is a type of hosting in which multiple small virtual servers run on a one big virtual server. Here each small server is assigned with dedicated resources such as RAM, bandwidth, CPU, storage, etc. 

VPS is called private because you have the whole server to yourself, whereas everyone else gets their own space. With VPS, you need not to share your resources or environment with any other website. 


Advantages of VPS Server Philippines for your blog


1. Increased security

The majority of hosting providers offer some type of security package. But a VPS Philippines, gives you the opportunity to go one step further. Due to the fact that the server is completely under your control, you can implement additional security measures yourself. It can  protect you from all kinds of hacking efforts. 

As an online company, you must be dealing with a lot of  private and sensitive information including people’s debit card and credit card details, contact no., home addresses, etc. Thus, it is very important for your company to protect this data and hosting your own VPS Philippines can help you do this more efficiently.


2. Cost-efficiency

The main benefit of VPS Hosting Philippines is that you can get your project off the ground at a lower cost.

Though VPS Servers share many of the same components as Dedicated Servers, do not require a lot of manpower which makes it affordable than Dedicated Servers. In turn, you are able to pass these savings on to your clients, thus lowering their costs.

Additionally, with a VPS Philippines, you also get the freedom to choose what operating system you want along with the level of up-front support management so that you can develop your software and applications, upload files, and put your project online in just seconds. 

You can manage your VPS entirely through your control panel, without the need for assistance from another person. With the control panel, you can also install various software and hardware without any delay.


3. Control over the server

A virtual private server gives you full control over your server. Users are free to customize their server according to their needs and can run the server as they wish. Though you are responsible for the configuration of your VPS Philippines, you can ask technical support for assistance if necessary. 

With VPS, you get 2 options – Managed VPS Hosting and Unmanaged VPS Hosting. 

Managed VPS server option is fully managed by the hosting provider whereas in case of unmanaged VPS server, the hosting provider only takes care of the management part only. 


4. Reliable and fast

Unlike shared hosting, you don’t have to worry about your business website crashing. With VPS Philippines, your site will get its own RAM, CPU, disc space and bandwidth. 

In this competitive environment, uptime and speed are very crucial to run an online business successfully. Therefore, with vps, your website will be reliably available 24/7 with a consistent loading speed to your visitors. 


5. Scalable

Every business strives to grow, and many are able to do so. While some grow slowly over many years, others explode in a very short time. If you want your business to expand in no time, no matter what expectations you have with your business growth, Virtual Private Servers are capable of accommodating any growth expectations you have. Private virtual servers can be scaled up as demand grows. Here scaling up server resources means more memory, more CPU, and more disk. 


Buy Cheap VPS Hosting Philippines by Wisesolution

VPS Hosting Philippines

Since 2010, Wisesolution has been recognized for its strong vision and commitment to clients. 

The company’s goal is to fill the gaps in the internet culture and bring you the best VPS Philippines Hosting plans at a very affordable price!

People who are looking forward to gaining high traffic for their website and achieving success in this internet era, should consider wisesolution for their perfect web hosting solution. Wisesolution is popular globally for offering enterprise grade resources, 24/7 customer support, highest possible security, and much more at the most reasonable price. 

The company also gives you an option to choose the operating system for your VPS plan according to your business needs i.e., Linux vps hosting and windows VPS hosting philippines. Both the plans come at different prices ranging from 2310/mo. to 5775/mo. 


vps philippines plans and prices

Customer Reviews

Wisesolution has received positive and affirming reviews from many bloggers and digital entrepreneurs! To know what they are, check out the below picture.

wisesolution customer reviews


An individual who wants to become a successful blogger or an entrepreneur in the Philippines should consider VPS Philippines. VPS gives various advantages over shared hosting such as high reliability and fast speed connectivity, scalability, advanced security, complete control over the server, less cost, etc. 

If you are really convinced with the advantages of VPS server Philippines, then you must be looking for a reliable VPS hosting provider to host your blogging or business site. If you need high quality resources and services, I recommend Wisesolution. 

After reading about wisesolution, if you have more questions regarding its hosting or wants to place order, either do call at  +91-6378789956 or visit @


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