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Want To Set Up An Attractive Product Page On Amazon? – Invest In Amazon Product Photography


Platforms like Amazon has made it easier for small and mid-sized businesses to reach a large audience. There are billions of products available on the website and every seller must work hard to attract customers. One of the easiest ways to stand out on this platform is through Amazon product photography. Here’s a look at all you need to know about it:

What is Professional Amazon Product Photography?

Amazon product photography is the process of taking professional-quality images of products and uploading them onto an Amazon page. These images are some of the most important pieces of content on a product page because they provide customers with a lot of information. A carefully-composed picture highlights details such as:

  • Product color
  • Item size and dimensions
  • Size relative to humans or different objects
  • Texture and fine details
  • Condition
  • Utility and purpose

Recent surveys indicate that most online shoppers make important purchase decisions based on the product’s image. Experts recommend uploading 5-8 images from different angles and against different backgrounds to provide information.

What are the Benefits?

Professional Amazon product photography has several benefits, which is why experts consider it a worthwhile investment. Businesses can’t afford to compromise on the quality of product images, especially on such a competitive platform. Here’s a look at some of the biggest advantages of professional photography:

  • Intention and Purpose –Experienced photographers know how to take pictures that tell a story. They make sure every composition is planned carefully and conveys a specific meaning, which can help influence customer behavior.
  • Brand Presence – Establishing a strong brand presence is essential if you want to get ahead of the competition. Professionals will study your brand, conduct industry research, look at your target demographic, and then plan a composition. This ensures your product photographs deliver the best results.
  • Providing Information – As mentioned before, product images provide a lot of important information to prospective customers. Experts know how to present this information helpfully and appealingly without making any mistakes. For example, they will make sure a fabric color is represented as accurately as possible to help customers.
  • Different Approaches – There are three main types of product photography styles. They are creative in-studio, lifestyle, and product on white. Amazon mandates that all primary images should be product on white because that uses an item clearly. Experts recommend uploading a good combination of all three as that can help provide a lot of information to customers.
  • Quality – Most professional photographers use sophisticated cameras, lenses, and lighting technology during sessions. Good-quality equipment helps produce good-quality images that look current. You can use these pictures for several years to come without worrying about replacing them.
  • Professional Editing – The editing process is the most important aspect of professional photography. Experts clean, refine, and polish images carefully to ensure they look great. They correct flaws, remove imperfections, and correct white balance so the images look great on all kinds of displays.

These are just some of the many benefits of Amazon product photography. While hiring an expert may seem like a more expensive option, it offers several long-term benefits. Most businesses earn their investment back in a few short months or weeks.

What are the Costs?

The cost of professional product photography can vary from one location to another. It can also depend on factors like the type of photography, reputation of the studio, reputation of the photographer, the complexity of the shoot, etc. In most cases, studios charge around $20 to $50 per image. Different studios have different pricing models so it is a good idea to explore the options carefully and decide what works for you. These options include:

  • Cost per image
  • Cost per product
  • Hourly cost
  • Daily cost
  • Dynamic pricing for different kinds of photographs

You can easily determine the cost per image by adding up all expenses and then dividing it by the number of images. For example, if a business spends $25,000 on professional images of 1000 products, they are spending around $25 per image. Businesses should keep in mind that quotes don’t include shipping costs and a few additional expenses. Discuss the estimate in detail and ask your studio about any additional costs involvedin Amazon product photography. That will help you make an informed decision and come up with a suitable budget.

Is DIY Better?

DIY product photography sounds like an appealing low-cost option because most people have relatively sophisticated cameras in their pockets. However,  professional product photography isn’t as simple as it sounds. The process involves intensive research, concept planning, set preparation, models and props, lighting, and post-production. All of these factors come together to create a sleek, polished image.

While DIY photography may work on social media or even business websites, it isn’t suitable for popular platforms like Amazon.

Why Do You Need an Experienced Amazon Product Photographer?

You need an Amazon product photography expert because they are familiar with the platform. They know all of the rules and regulations put in place by the eCommerce giant to control the quality of product images. For example, an image size can’t exceed 10,000 pixels or 10 MB. The platform regularly updates its rules so your images won’t be kicked off the website.

An experienced photographer also understands the customer demographic on this platform and will tailor the images to their liking. These tailored pictures are more likely to encourage conversions and improve sales numbers. While other professional photographers can provide good results, experts with experience in this particular niche will take your campaign to the next level.

Amazon is a popular platform, which means sellers often need to compete against millions of alternatives. Investing in professional Amazon product photography may seem like an intimidating prospect, but it offers great long-term advantages. You just need to hire an experienced and reliable professional for the job. Look at online reviews, speak with past clients, browse through the studio’s portfolio, and take other precautions to hire the right person for the job.