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Warning signs of Cancer in Pets

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Animals and pets cannot share their distress with us by talking since they communicate in their language. So, a possible detection of any disease is difficult since internal problems need to be spoken, we cannot see them with our bare eyes. A pet can show behavioural changes impacting the owners to acknowledge that there is some problem. Problems such as anger or pain are often seen through some changes in their behavior but things like cancer cannot be seen unless and until diagnosed or if we pay much attention to everything they are going through. As in humans early detection of cancer can lead to better treatment, same is with the pets. Abnormal or disruptive behavior may not always lead to cancer but seeking a veterinarian near you can ensure critical cases to be brought to normal. Understanding a pet’s health requires a lot of consistent efforts in observing their movements so that you can speculate their overall behavioural changes. Professionals here at Newport beach veterinary hospital share some vital signs which can help in identifying cancer signs in pets and how to detect them easily.

Difficulty in Eating or Swallowing.

If your pet has a problem with eating and swallowing over a span of a few days , then it might be an alarm to give a ring to your veterinarian. Usually ulcers and sore throat are the main cause of not consuming anything properly but if it persists , it might be a sign of cancer.

Difficulty in Breathing and Urination.

If your pet is breathing less and is uneasy due to such then that might be a possible cause of cancer. In addition while urinating or defecating they can also experience some pain from the used body parts and hence the veterinarian should be followed up soon for the same.

Laziness and Loss of Stamina

Pets are active , usually dogs are super active. All other animals also do possess a lot of stamina and have greater endurance than humans and since they have such agile nature , their hanging around at a corner all the while doesn’t sound as a pleasant site and hence they should be taken for treatment soon.

Bleeding From Body Parts

Bleeding is normal in pets too but sometimes internal bleeding from organs such as mouth or nose can be a sign of cancer since unusual bleeding indicates serious health issues.

Weight Loss

Sometimes even after carrying on with the same diet throughout the year, your pet may be seen losing weight over a period of few months and this is an important sign to take since weight loss due to less eating is common, but while having the same amount of food even if the weight is decreasing then you should contact your veterinarian soon.

Change in Color of Gums

A pet’s healthy gums are usually red and pink in color, it’s recommended to check their oral health on a regular basis since yellow, whole white and brown gums may indicate serious health issues that might lead to cancer.

Abnormal Swelling in Different Body Parts.

Swelling in the body can be an accident or a blow to the swollen part but if the swelling is abnormal i.e. if it persists and continues to grow , then they might indicate that the tumour cells are growing which are responsible for the growth of cancer cells in the body. Pet doctors Newport Beach therefore suggest that a pet should go through a regular body checkup to minimize the effect of such chronic disease.

Wounds That Aren’t Healing.

Sometimes a wound may take usually longer than the definite period of time to recover. Wounds that don’t heal and are growing malign with the time should not be ignored and hence should be taken into account to avoid such circumstances in which the disease can be lethal.


If you witness any of the above mentioned symptoms, it’s time to visit pet hospitals in Newport Beach or wherever you reside and get a complete checkup to avoid any major issues. Opt for a facility that is engulfed with all the right environment and supportive staff which can play a major role in the recovery of your pets. They also provide preventive measures and care to help you take better care of them so that they can lead a good and healthy life . Your pets aren’t going to tell you that they are suffering from any problem, they can just show through various actions and responses and hence it is our responsibility to take better care of our lovable pets.