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Data recorders are essential in systems both for compliance as well as performance monitoring. Without the ability to track what happens over time periods, vulnerabilities and performance blips might be missed in otherwise seemingly okay operations. Momentary deviations can be early warnings signs a component or system element needs to be checked for maintenance, but if the warning is not seen it does no good for prevention. Data recorders capture performance over time so these deviations aren’t missed, even when checked periodically versus continuously.

The Watlow D4T Series Sets a Better Standard

When it comes to a paperless video recorder for a system management or control, the Watlow D4T series is a premium choice to have without the premium price point. Designed to be highly-configurable for different environments and applications, the D4T can handle up to 24 different input sources as well as take on and connect with digital and optional relay output points. The results are impressive. Combined with a touchscreen interface features, the D4T terminals provide easily manageable recording settings that are intuitive and powerful at the same time. The data can then be exported and saved either to a USB storage device or saved internally. With configuration software included as well as a variety of choices when it comes to display options, folks are going to find the D4T is essential wherever data recording has to be applied. Better yet, the price point on the D4Ts make them even more attractive.

Solid Functionality

Powered by either a 12-24VAC/DC connection or a 100-240VAC, depending on your facility’s power grid, the D4T recorders can also be wired and connected to networks via Ethernet TCP/IP as well. This makes them ideal for remote recording access via Internet-based connections routed to their Ethernet channel.

The screens are compact with a 4.3” design in color format and beautiful detail via high resolution. The Touchscreen capability makes the D4Ts both sleek as well modern, removing knobs and analog controls, and providing easy interface management for users. Alarms and notices can be easily preset, and every input and output is identified clearly.

The recording capability on the D4Ts can be adjusted to however fast or slow data needs to be tracked. The units are quite capable of logging as slow as every hour or as fast as a tenth of a second. The output can either be drawn on a digital graph or process values can be provided for in the moment readings and measurements. The included configuration software makes the D4Ts easy to connect with PC computer network via Ethernet TCP node setups, sharing their data real time through feeds and batch flows.

High Quality Recording Tech & Matching Support

With how easy the Watlow D4T data recorders can be installed and set up, the applications for these units are endless. That said, Seagate Controls is always available to provide support, guidance, and technical help in both understanding how the D4Ts work as well as what system options are available with their installation and configuration. As a result, the combination of both Watlow technology and Seagate customer service makes working with the D4T data recorders a powerful leap and investment for your overall system monitoring.