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Ways on how you can add the subscribe button on your website


The Internet has become the primary source of information today. Many users come online to look for data about their brand and if you are run a business, ensure information about your products and services is online.

Your readers or potential clients may have a busy schedule and no time to surf as they look for data about your company. That’s why you need to make things easy for them by adding a subscribe button to your website.

After clicking the subscribe button, your readers or site users will receive your content through their email addresses or desktop as notifications. That ensures your followers or customers are up-to-date with new developments about your brand.

Have you been longing to embed a subscribe button to your site but are in doubt where to begin. Get on board with the steps below.

Steps to add a subscribe button to your website

To begin with, navigate your way to the subscriber list you seek to promote on your website. You will then find ‘sign up forms’ in the right sidebar on your screen, as shown below. Ensure to click on the “sign up forms” option.

While on that sign-up forms page, you’re supposed to press the ‘subscribe button. That takes you to a window shown in the photo below.

On your left sidebar, you’ll see a small blue section written “subscribe,’ and that’s why you begin. It represents the default style setting.

You can try and see how it works on your site by following the provided on-screen prompt ‘try it. Once you click on it, a subscribe form will popup where you are supposed to provide the test name and your email address.

After providing the test details, your next step will be to click on the send subscribe button. That way, you’ll have completed the process.

The subscribe button test details you have provided shouldn’t worry you. After all, they will not be added to your subscriber list.

When done, check at the right side of your page and get the subscribe button code. It’s that code you are supposed to copy and paste into your site.

You are free to grab the subscribe button code and use it just the way it is. Or go on and add changes to the button by clicking on the code.

Have you chosen to customize your subscribe button? You will have to press the finish of the option and then grab the code when done with customization.

After clicking on the ‘finish’ option, you’ll be taken back to the starting page. From here, you are free to test the added changes. All you need to do is click the demo button and fill in the new subscribe form.

Just like the original version you used for the demonstration, the new test details you have provided won’t appear on the list of the subscribers.

How to customize your subscribe button

If you’re not impressed by how your subscribe button looks, you can make some adjustments. You can check the image below to see how to subscribe button editing page appears.

Any change you make on the right-hand side will reflect on the preview plane on the left. You are allowed to change the color of the subscribe button, maybe from blue to black. Adjusting the size of the button is also possible, and you can change it from small size to large and vice versa. Even the button label changed be changed from subscribing to whatever you would like.

Do you want to always get the number of active subscribers after clicking the subscribe button? That’s another customization you can add. Look at the checkbox and tick the show subscribe count, and you’ll have done it.

Once a visitor completes the process of signing up on your website, the subscriber count goes up.

Are you done with customization? Ensure to click the finish button.

Subscribe button form customization

This is another vital step when adding a subscribe button to your website. After clicking the subscribe button, a subscribe button forms popup at the center of your screen and has a default title, default fields, a name, and also email. Check the image shown below.

To customize the form, you add the following changes

  • Change of the title
  • Addition of subtitle or summary
  • Selection of fields to display
  • Change of label of the button
  • Selection of a different language

When done adding all customization to your subscribe button, you need to activate it to become functional.

Editing active subscribe button

After adding the subscribe button to your website, it’s still possible to add some changes. You can start by navigating your way to the subscriber list details page. Once there, check the sign-up forms option and click on it.

After clicking on it, the subscribe button test page will open. You will then select the make more changes option. When you press on it, the editor opens, and all the update applies automatically.


Follow the steps above if you want to add a subscribe button to your website. After subscribing to your content, the readers will not have to surf again about your brand since they can receive your updates and content through their emails.