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Ways That Can Help You Make Your Transitioning To Vaping Easier

Vaping Easier

Smoking is one of the primary causes of preventable deaths all over the world. Thus everyone can agree on the fact that smoking is one of the most unpleasant and harmful habits. Even chain smokers would advise others to avoid smoking, as they think the same for themselves, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Smokers have tried various ways to quit their smoking habit, but nicotine addiction and tobacco makes it challenging to quit smoking for good. Transitioning to another equivalent substitute may be the best course of action.

The main problem when transitioning is finding the best equivalent of a cigarette. Chewing tobacco or other such substitutes may prove to be even more harmful. Which is why vaping is the best option because it is significantly less harmful as compared to smoking.

Hence, here are some ways that can help you make your transition to vaping easier and successful.

  • Focus on the health benefits of vaping over cigarettes:

For reaching successful outcomes, motivation is always required, and in this case, the best motivation would be to focus on the health benefits that vaping has over smoking. Many vapors have agreed that staying motivated can help make a successful switch. It is crucial to remember why you made a switch in the first place.

There’s no denying the fact that vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking. The main reason for this being that there is no tobacco involved in vaping. Hence, vaping does not give out any smoke. There’s just vapor. Unlike a standard cigarette, e-liquids in vapes contain chemicals that do not stick to your lungs. Therefore won’t become the cause of heart or lung diseases.

When you have the choice of either vaping or smoking, you are probably way better off vaping. It has been pointed out that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking by research.

  • Balancing the PG/VG ratio:

It doesn’t matter if you are a long-time vaper or you have just transitioned from smoking. The VG/PG ratio is crucial. The throat hit from vaping might be unpleasant to smokers because it is not the same as smoking, and some might find it irritating.

Some people may have a sensitive throat, so they prefer an e-liquid with a higher VG ratio. Otherwise, it may cause coughing. Similarly, if you are not getting enough throat hits, it would be best to prefer a higher PG ratio e-liquid.

One good way of figuring out the proper VG/PG ratio for you is by trying out different e-liquids to understand your requirements. One of the most common VG: PG is 50:50, but most of the time, you might need to increase one side or another for the best experience.

  • Avoid vaping like a smoker and vape like a vaper:

One of the most common problems that smokers face is that they vape as if they are smoking. Vaping requires slower and longer puffs to get the best outcome, while smokers are used to short and faster puffs. Even though smoking and vaping are alike, some differences can make a considerable change.

Vapes work on a different mechanism as regular cigarettes. Thus a faster puff on a cigarette would allow you to get more smoke, but nothing would happen in a vape. This is why you need to change the habit of taking faster puffs because slower and longer puffs are the key to satisfaction when it comes to vaping.

Some e-cigarettes can help you change this habit and provide better satisfaction. Some vapes such as Uwell Caliburn Koko prime provide a better vaping experience for newly transitioning smokers.


The ways, as mentioned earlier, will surely help you in successfully transitioning to vaping, as it is a great way to quit your smoking habits once and for all. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a reputable vape store to buy Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime Vision or other quality e-cigarettes, Vape Cave is the right place for you. As here, you can get all vaping accessories with the best convenience.