Ways to Fix and Repair Clothes Using Embroidery

A hole in your favorite sweater, jeans, or tablecloth doesn’t need to be a tragedy. Instead, turn that lam into something beautiful by mending it with embroidery. Covering up a hole or stain with an … Read More

A hole in your favorite sweater, jeans, or tablecloth doesn’t need to be a tragedy. Instead, turn

that lam into something beautiful by mending it with embroidery.

Covering up a hole or stain with an embroidered patch is a method to repair the damage, but you will find that you simply also can use the embroidery itself to repair. And even as no two holes are equivalent, the solutions will differ also. look around this list of ideas and techniques to seek out your next visible mending method!

Freestyle Stitch Around Holes

While some visible mending covers up tears, Hunter Hammersen at Paintsville Press turned the holes during a favorite sweater into embroidery that shows off and accentuates those holes. She improvised, experimenting as she went, and shared a set of posts showing the various areas of sewing so you get many ideas from her experience.

Make Embroidered Wool Moths repair Moth Holes

Moth holes during a beautiful wool sweater are so sad, but with this tutorial from Nini Makes, your favorite sweater is going to be smiling another time. Especially because patching those holes with embroidered moths are going to be your own inside joke.

Add Color Patches to hide and Fix Holes

India Tresselt of Yarndance certainly knows the way to bring colour to her mending! The holes in these jeans are transformed into colourful patches made with woven embroidery stitches.

Create Bold Embroidered Flowers to Patch Areas

Jenny Blair features a great video showing the way to add embroidery to clothing using appliqué. And since the embroidery is worked on a separate piece of cloth, it’s even excellent thanks to using some existing embroidered bold florals you’ve got sitting around!

Cover Stains With Beaded Embroidery

Embroidery works for that too! Marysia at DaWanda shows the way to cover a wine stain with beaded embroidery. The result seems like a beautifully sparkling spill!

Stitch Jeans With Sashiko and Boro Repair

The Japanese art of sashiko embroidery is usually used for mending, often employing a method called boro to patch fabric back together. Honestly, WTF teaches the way to use these techniques to repair jeans.

Rescue a favorite Sweater With Modern Spots of Satin Stitching

Knitted Bliss repaired the problems, then added a couple of extra areas of sewing so it’s more intentional and fewer sort of a patch. To use this method, start by sewing the opening together, then cover it with small blocks of stitch worked in several directions.

Now we’ll mention some amazing embroidery digitizing techniques and patterns from around the world. we will learn tons of cultures through its needlework traditions. This list features free embroidery patterns supported by traditional ethnic embroidery designs from around the world, but it’s just a start line. Once you explore these, you’ll just end up wanting to study more cultural embroidery from many regions of the globe!

Hungarian Redwork Embroidery Pattern

Hungarian embroidery is usually known for bold designs and bright colours, but Mary Corbet of Needle n’ Thread shares this pattern for Hungarian redwork. It’s worked with thick lines of Hungarian braided chain stitch, although you’ll certainly use a typical chain stitch if you are not able to learn a replacement stitch.

Kasuti Embroidery Patterns

The designs are often simple or ornate, but once you learn the technique and practise with these free patterns, you will be ready to create your own beautiful embroidery.

Mexican Floral Embroidery Patterns

Online shop Siren sells traditional embroidered Mexican peasant blouses, but they even have a little collection of patterns so you’ll give this sort of embroidery a try. There are three large motifs that will be utilized in different areas of a blouse, but they might also work well for embroidering quite clothing.

Traditional Uzbek Suzani Design

Find information on the history and methods utilized in this traditional sort of embroidery, also as a full-colour pattern with tips for working the planning.

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Patterns

At first glance, Brazilian dimensional embroidery may look tons like all other basic embroidery or perhaps stumpwork. But a better look will reveal that this system uses a spread of stitches that cause the embroidery to practically get down the material.


What makes this unique is that it’s worked with Brazilian rayon throughout the designs, and therefore the thread itself is twisted within the other way from most cotton threads therefore the stitches often got to be worked differently.

Swedish Huck Embroidery

In Sweden, one common sort of embroidery is understood as huck embroidery or huck weaving, and it’s made by counting threads on specially designed fabric. Although this page of data and technique doesn’t include any pattern charts, you’ll quickly find out how to follow the photos or maybe create your own improvised patterns.


These are some of the best ways to repair and fix clothes using embroidery. We also talked about some amazing embroidery patterns and techniques from around the world. If you have any questions about the topic or anything related to logo digitizing, feel free to reach out to us at Migdigitizing.

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