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Ways to save money when sending the parcel to India through parcel service UK

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Time is precious and so your hard-earned money is. It is no wrong in searching for ways to save your money while sending the parcel to India via parcel service UK. Some of the few things that can help you save almost 50% of your courier charges.

Let’s see the top things that’ll always save money while dispatching your couriers to India.

Be careful with the parcel size

A lot of courier companies used to charge for your parcel service UK by its size when you send the parcel to India. And so, it is mandatory for you to cut down on those added charges. Try and keep the parcel size (the weight of your goods) as little as possible. When you pick a parcel service to India, it is understandable for you to send some priceless and bulky goods inevitably. Even then, the weight matters and so the security also is. Be keen to watch out for everything that burns your pocket.

Safe and lightweight packaging would do

The way you pack things also matter. Always keep an eye on your parcel’s weight and let it be low at all times, unless or until it’s necessary. It is recommended that you use lightweight packaging if you are to send courier to India using cardboards and stuff instead of heavy boards or plastic & especially say a big ‘NO’ to metallic boxes. This way, you can definitely save a lot of money when using the parcel service UK.

Doorstep pickup and delivery service

Usually, you won’t pay just for the postal and parcel service UK but also for the fuel charges. Fuel, as in, from the place of pickup to deliver your package to the destination office or location. Using doorstep service, you can save your fuel charges a lot. With the help of door to door service, you not only save your money but also your valuable time as well. Why do you doubt? Make the best choice by choosing the best service at all costs.

Choose regular booking instead of a speed delivery

If there is no emergency, you can opt for the regular delivery option instead of the express one. This will save your cost. It is because express delivery means an extra charge. They will convince you as if they are going to send the parcel to India for free but that is not the case. Initially, you will send your courier from the UK to India as they’ve suggested and finally when delivering you will impose additional charges unexpectedly.

Use pocket-friendly courier service

Rather than preferring well-known courier services, choose the best-reviewed parcel service UK if you are going to send a courier from UK to India. It is highly suggested for you to use a parcel service to India that charges less while offering an excellent standard and quality of services. When you send the parcel to India, obviously you need to go for a courier service that offers nominal-cost service.


Compare courier prices and choose wisely

Since you are far away, be smart while you send a courier to India. There are a lot of things you go through to send a courier from UK to India. So, comparing doesn’t charge you more. Try to compare different courier companies who do send the parcel to India and select the one who does well while charging you less.

Mode of Transportation

Generally, a courier from UK to India uses air and sea cargo for the transportation of goods. If you are not in any kind of a hurry to send the parcel to India, it is recommended to use sea cargo service providing parcel service UK. Comparatively, it is slower yet the best way of sending courier from UK to India.

It is ideal to send in Bulk quantities

Typically, when you send the parcel to India, try to send in bulks to avoid frequent couriering via parcel service UK. Then, you will be able to get a good discount from many courier companies. So, ideally, instead of choosing to send a courier to India through two separate small parcels at two different times, try to send a courier to India one at a time.

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