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Web Design & Color Psychology: A Must Read For Web Designers


Ever wondered why some designs instantly catch your attention and keep you hooked, while some barely make any impression? Besides the animations, scrollers, and a clean layout, the color combination in your design makes a huge difference.

Different Ways to Use it as a Face Pack

Whether you are a freelance web designer giving web design services in Dubai or a web design agency, you must think twice before using different color combinations in your design.

With the right color combinations, you can increase the duration of stay of users on your website and boost conversions if it’s an e-commerce store. Conversely, if you have used the wrong colors, you can easily scare them away (some colors trigger negative emotions).

In this article, I’m going to talk about the psychology of colors, different colors and emotions associated with them, and how you should use them.

So, are you ready to boost your creativity and stand out as a web designer? Let’s get started!

Different Colors & Their Use in Web Design

Here are some of the common colors web designers use in their designs and where they fit the best:


Blue is associated with calm, peace, tranquility, and for some reason, men tend to prefer blue. Blue is also associated with trust, that’s why you will see so many tech sites and SaaS services providers using blue on their website.

In your design, especially if you are selling an expensive product or service, one that requires a deep pocket, use the blue color wisely to develop trust. Blue and white make an elegant match and evoke emotions that drive conversions.

For sports, pharmacy, software, and tech-related sites, blue is a great color. But don’t overuse it, as too much blue can also trigger the feeling of sadness and aloofness.


Yellow is the brightest color of all and it’s associated with happiness and optimism. There’s a reason why yellow is commonly used in brochures and pamphlets

It’s kind of a color that can brighten your mood when you are feeling gloomy. You can use this color in the call-to-action button, in the footer, or in the gallery section of your site.

However, don’t use it where you are placing important information about your company or product in text. Sometimes yellow can be too bright and one might have to strain his eyes to read the text.

For food websites, kids websites, luxury items, and all industries associated with entertainment, yellow can be a great color for your web design.


Now there may be different opinions regarding black, some say it’s associated with grandeur and luxury, while some would argue black is associated with mystery, loss, and depression.

You will come across some amazing designs with a black ground. Indeed, when used in the right areas and with the right colors, black can leave a staggering effect on the visitors.

For real estate, photography, entertainment, and websites related to money and investment, black can be a great color. But once again, you have to be careful with its use.

Make sure the text is readable, and the overall design gives positive vibes.


You will see lots of healthcare and medical websites using blue-white color combinations on different pages. White color has its own importance because it promotes the readability of content.

Besides that, users love white space in different sections. It makes everything prominent in the design. However, don’t pair true white and true black on the same page because it can be a difficult combination for your eyes to focus on.

If you are displaying chunks of information and visuals on the same page, for example, the Home page, use white to improve the look. This way, your design will be pleasing to the eyes and all the text easily readable.


The orange color exudes warmth and energy. It is also linked to happiness, determination, and success. It is used by e-commerce websites as it triggers action. You will see add-to-cart buttons and subscription buttons in orange color.

Try to avoid orange in the background, it can be too bright. If you do, pick your text color wisely because very few font colors make an impeccable combination with an orange background.


Websites dedicated to the cause of global warming, climate change, and protecting nature use green color. Green is linked to trust, nature, serenity, money, and growth. It  is relaxing to the eyes, hence, you can use it to present any vital information about your business/company.


Though red is normally used as a warning sign, it’s used on call-to-action buttons or on image backgrounds on e-commerce websites. Red, when used in moderation and with colors that complement it, can do wonders.

Red is used in marketing, sports, food, and beauty websites as it’s also linked to love, excitement, energy, and action.

It can be used to create a sense of urgency and the fear of missing out on an offer if you don’t act now.


Web designing is more of a creative field than a technical one. You can learn to use tools with the passage of time, but creativity remains a natural skill. And by learning the psychology of colors, the emotions associated with each of them, you can take your design to the next level.