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What are 12 WordPress SEO Tips to Secure Organic Traffic?

WordPress SEO Tips to Secure Organic Traffic

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems. This popularity of the system is what makes every business owner to change to them. The flexibility the space offers s what makes it the most wanted one. It started off as a website building platform but later shifted even to a commerce space. So be it anything you want, WordPress has an option for you. The popularity of WordPress is mainly because of its simplicity and ease to use. With your limited knowledge also you could launch a website and a developer is not a necessity. The variety of themes available makes it very flexible. It is also an open source platform which makes it easy to create a website for you without an investment.

Since the digital media is raving and there are many websites and blogs all over the internet, how would you make yours stand out differently? This is where the search engine optimization comes into the picture. The SEO tips s what makes your brand stay unique in the plethora of internet content. You could hire experience SEO expert here. We will be discussing some tips for better SEO in the WordPress platform here.

  1. Choosing the hosting provider

The hosting you choose has a direct effect on the search engine optimization of your website. The site speed, uptime, security all of these attributes are linked with the hosting provider. So make sure to choose a reliable one so that the SEO performance of your website is at the top from the very beginning. The quality of the site should be the perfect for the SEO tips to work. There are many cheap options available in the market and just to save some money, so do not opt for them. Make sure that if you are seeing the site as a business opportunity the money invested is for the future success and revenue. The WordPress has many providers that they recommend who are compatible with the platform. You could choose one that works the best for you. You can also hire experience SEO expert just for better results.

  1. Installing theme

The platform of WordPress provides with thousands of themes for you to try out for the site according to your choice. Even though this step might feel like a very fun one, this has to be carefully executed for the website to work optimally. You need to look through and choose a theme that is SEO friendly. There are many ways in which you could test the theme’s demo version just to check the overall potential ad SEO issues that it holds. After the proper check, you could install the theme and do not worry about the theme slowing down your site or the overall performance. The last thing you want is the theme you selected to be the major hurdle in the SEO charts.

  1. Installing plugins

The plugins are usually looked up to as a magic pill which when installed would take your website to new heights. This is just a myth. The plugin provided by the WordPress platform makes the process easier and thus overall brings indifference to the site’s SEO. While selecting a plugin package, be sure to read through everything they offer and then install them with the WordPress platform, you could directly install them through the admin panel and activate it for the plugins to work. There are additional plugins even available for various other functionalities which could be added accordingly.

  1. Setting up domain

This step is also a very important part of the process of SEO as this also has an impact on the overall rating of your website. You need to get URLs that are recognized by the google themselves for it to rank in the analytics. This process might be slightly different when you are changing or replacing an existing site. The version previously used has to be used so that Google has no problem in recognizing you. You could hire experience SEO expert for any of further guidance.

  1. Settings for visibility

While you are working through your website, be sure to check the visibility settings for proper search engine optimization. Sometimes developers or even the hosts push the button of not indexing the site while it is still in progress. If this is put on even after the site is published, your site will not be ranked as the permission to index them is denied. So make sure you check these visibility settings and thus do the needful for better analytics and rankings.

  1. Setting up permalinks

Getting a very SEO friendly option for the URLs and permalinks is extremely important for the site’s optimal functioning and analytics. There are custom URL structures made and then added to the settings. So if you have trouble executing this task you could hire an experience SEO expert who could create the SEO friendly custom permalinks which will optimize the content and site and will rank high in the analytics bringing in more impressions and revenue eventually.

  1. Page and posts optimization

Your website, it is content, and pages have to be optimized for making a higher rank in the analytics. Every image, keyword and all the attributes have to be checked through for the right process. The page and image optimization has several sectors like keywords, images, its resolution. All the attributes under this category have to take care of for the page analytics to go high.

  1. Keyword research

Adding the right keywords is what will get your content seen by a wider audience. These keywords act as pointers for the search engine to track and hence play a significant role in its analytics of it. There are many tools available online which would help you in finding the right keywords for your site and content. The use of keywords needs to be mastered with time, it is quite impossible to get it right the first time and hence an expert could be of help at this stage. Hire experience SEO expert who could help with the right keywords and their proper placement so that it isn’t over the brad but also does the work for good.

  1. Adding page headings

This is another important step in the search engine optimization strategy. The title of the page should be unique and very precise. The readers and customers should get a precise idea of what you mean and what the matter is all about just reading the tile. Even the addition of keywords to the title has been seen as a very positive strategy to apply. When you hire experience SEO experts they will look into each of these elements and execute them according to the priority. As much as the content is important, the heading you give them is also equally significant. Each of the headings with limited use of keywords is the perfect combination in the SEO tactics which will get the Google search engine to recognize it.

  1. Internal linking

You must have seen some sites having multiple pages and content for similar topics added to it. This will make you read and stay on the page a tad bit longer. ANd this is the internal linking process working at its finest. To establish the topic and its relevance within multiple contents of yours internal linking is used. The links when added to these pages in WordPress will enable the reader to have more time in your website with more of your content and that will increase the reading time which will eventually increase the rankings in Google. The internal linking strategy of WordPress is pretty simple and will enable the right navigation of the users across the site.

  1. Images and their file names

Research has suggested that the addition of images to the content actually increases the overall rankings of the website. So while adding these images make sure you have the copyrights to use them and also pay attention to the file names. This part is the least concern whenever we upload the photo or image. But make sure that the image name is traceable and legible. The image file name should represent what the image is about for its better rankings. This simple redundant step is actually quite significant in the entire process. Giving a context to the images is extremely important for it to reflect in the rankings.

  1. Optimizing images

Another proven way to improve your site’s speed and performance is to optimize your images, as these are one of the most common things which contribute to slow speed. when you are using varied images and a lot of them to make your site and content more visual, you are simultaneously increasing the load of the page which will reflect in the loading time and making it not optimized. The image that you are putting in should be of the right size and the resolution needs to work for so that the search engine optimization is kept on toes.

There is no arguing that WordPress is one of the most SEO-friendly CMS’ out there, and that is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Not only is it user-friendly, but it is easy to implement a whole host of SEO tactics using just a small number of fantastic plugins. When you are using these tips the search engine optimization is done up to the mark and you are already outranking your competitors through that.

WordPress as a platform is known for its extreme ease of navigation on high functionality. The SEO tactics of WordPress are also henceforth very easy to follow and execute. Even if you are a beginner you could very simply execute them as it is explained in normal terms and not technicalities. But if you think you need professional help, you could always hire experience SEO experts for your website. The optimization is significant as it outs your website in the map of the digital world. In the sea of websites and blogs, for your brand to stand out, some techniques need to be done.AN with WordPress this is just so easy and effective at the same time.