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What are all-weather tires? 


 All-weather tires are the most reliable in terms of safety because they adapt to all weather conditions and show the perfect balance between winter and summer tires. The compromise between these characteristics gives this type of tire stability so that your car can run in any weather and on any type of road. If you choose to use 4-season models, these same trains will suffice you for the whole year because they are both strong and durable.

 All-weather tires are, by definition, materials intended to withstand all climatic periods of the year. However, despite this good reputation attributed to them, these products sometimes encounter difficulties during snowy and cold seasons. Because of this phenomenon, we advise you to buy your equipment during the summer and fall seasons; on the other hand, if you want to get a good price instead, buying your own during winter and spring is best, because during this period the price of these goods decreases.

 All-weather tires have the same shapes as winter and summer tires. When shopping, if you are not a connoisseur, you may find it difficult to identify them. So here’s how to recognize them. On the side of this type of model, you should see an inscription “M + S” which means “Mud and Snow”. This acronym is located next to a design of snow and mountains.


What is the difference between summer and all-weather tires?

 A summer tire, as its name suggests, is a product suitable for a hot climate in which the roads are dry. This type of tire can have problems during winter periods when the roads are very wet or snowy. 4-weather tires have almost the same characteristics as summer tires, only, unlike summer tires, a 4-season model easily adapts to all periods of the year.

Nexen N’blue 4Season M + S

 If you face the snowy season, not knowing which all-season tire to choose for your vehicle; here is a model that answers the question. For the design, the tire consists of synthetic rubber with SBR technology and a special resin.

 The result is that this model will perform better on a snowy track than on dry and wet roads. With a weight of 4.4 kg, the maximum load taken into account is 475 kg which means it has a weighted index of 82.

 Regarding the supported speed, it is in the T category to say that it does not support a speed above 190 km / h. The dimension is 89.41 cm in length and height as well as a width of 35 cm, with an aspect ratio of 65% of that width.

Kleber Quadraxer M + S

 To know how to buy a better value Michelin all-weather, it is important to know the requirements of your automobile. Before talking about technical characteristics, the first advantage of this article is its price.

 If you are looking for an inexpensive model, this one is worth considering. In terms of power, the maximum load shows a value of 81, showing that the weight limit is 462 kg; at 58.66 cm in length and height, it has a width of 17 cm for an aspect ratio of 70%.

 The rim diameter is 14 inches and the construction is radial like the majority of current manufactures. On the resistance against top speed, the T sign indicates that the maximum supported speed is 190 km / h. Beyond this, your wheels will wear out quickly and may even give up on you if you ignore this information.

 For the

 All-terrain: Whether it’s sunny, raining, or snowing, here is a tire that withstands the various climatic changes.

 The Price: We’d like to say that this model is one of the most cost-effective all-weather tires.

 Weight: In the event of a puncture on the road, one person is sufficient to change the tire, which weighs only 6 kg.

Vredestein Quatrac 5 M + S

 To complete this selection, this tire of German origin is chosen thanks to its appearance which emphasizes comfortable driving.

 To prevent aquaplaning in rainy weather as well as understeer in all seasons, the contours and grooves are arranged so that nothing gets in between the tire and the ground.

 With a section width of 20.5 cm, the aspect ratio is 55%. The length and height are both 60cm and the rim diameter are 16 inches.

 On the issue of speed tolerance, this model supports acceleration up to 210 km / h. However, it is not advisable to go up to the allowable limit to prevent your tires from wearing out before their time. For the load index, you have a figure of 91 about the weight of 615 kg.

 Anti-slip: To avoid all bad maneuvers related to the efficiency of the tire, this model should be tried.

 Price: It is among the most profitable choices in this selection when yours is primarily based on the purchase price.

 Consumption: In normal use regardless of the distance to be traveled, this component will not increase the fuel you consume.

 Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen2

 Thanks to its SmartRED technology, its wide tread, its protruding ends, and its V-profile, this tire provides a better grip on icy and wet roads in addition to limiting aquaplaning. Energy class C is perfectly resistant to wear. Not very resistant to rolling, it also reduces fuel consumption.

Continental Allseasons Contact

 This tire offers excellent performance in wet, snowy, and icy conditions. The tread is reworked for increased braking efficiency. Its high silica and resin content gives it great flexibility for all types of soil. Moreover, the rigid tread is combined with open shoulders to limit the risk of aquaplaning. This tire is also effective in the corners. You can get any car-related solution from howfixcars.com.


 To avoid any risk of regret and in order not to come across products that will not serve you later, you must take into account a few criteria. This buying guide for the best all-weather tires will be your ally in this quest. What are these points to consider when buying your all-weather tires? To provide you with the best answers, below are the features that we believe are essential with any automotive tire equipment purchase.