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What are some of the best Platforms for SMM?

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SMM marketing refers to promoting product recognition and sales by utilizing social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to improve brand power.

In SMM marketing, the penetration rate of SMM (Social Media Marketing) is increasing year by year, and it is said that “from search to SMM”, SMM marketing is one of the indispensable elements in corporate promotion activities.

I think there are many people who have SMM services at their companies’ support and are already using Social Media in some way. Companies like Ducima Analytics Private Limited have professional social media marketing experts for the business promotion on the Social Media channels.

Since companies and consumers can communicate directly through SMM, it is easy for companies to understand the reactions of consumers, and it is easy to disseminate information not only to existing customers but also to a wide range of users.

Major Social Media Marketing Platforms


Facebook, the world’s largest SMM portal, is characterized by its high reliability because it is basically a real name registration system. Many companies around the world have accounts, and compared to other SMM portals, it is said to be an indispensable SMM for business because it can appeal to a wide range of people regardless of gender or age.

You can acquire a company-specific account that is different from your personal account, and you can efficiently promote your products and services. The reliability and spread of the “share” function, which allows users to share their favorite articles with friends with a single click, is attractive, and it is said that there is less “flaming” than other Social Media platforms.


The feature of Twitter is that users can easily communicate with each other in real time with short sentences of 140 characters (280 single-byte alphanumeric characters) or less. It is said that it is suitable for appealing and researching products and services mainly targeting young people, and researching the latest trends.

When a “follower” “retweets” or “shares” a posted article “tweet”, information is spread to an unspecified number of users, and there is a possibility that a large impression can be collected from an unexpected trigger. In addition, if you use the “hashtag” function to clearly indicate the keywords that simply express the posted content, you can make it easier to hit the search.

While you can have multiple accounts and post easily and in a timely manner, you should be careful about “flaming” due to its high diffusion.


Instagram is an SMM that aims to communicate visually through photographs, and is characterized by a high usage rate of young people, especially women. Similar to Twitter, it is possible to share information using the “hashtag” function, and it is said to be “tagging” among young people, but it is more diffuse than other SMM platforms.

As the buzzword “Instagram” indicates, searching, saving, and sharing visuals of items and styles that users want, centering on information on cosmetics, apparel, gourmet, etc., is direct to sales (purchasing). It can be said that the point of connection is a characteristic that other SMM platform does not have. Since it is an SMM that handles the image itself, the branding use of companies is conspicuous after examining the content and quality of the visuals and contents to be posted.

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