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What are the Consequences of forklift misuse?


Consequences of forklift misuse

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment in a logistics sector, forklifts must be handled with the utmost care and responsibility. Otherwise, it might have some serious problems that could affect its performance. In this text, we brought some actions that are harmful to the equipment. Check out.

Improper use of equipment such as forklifts can represent significant delays in a company’s activities. Some problems generated by incorrect use are:

Transmission Failures:

Misuse of forklifts can lead to transmission failures, transmission package, torque converter and transmission pump problems. This can happen when your operators push the load instead of loading it correctly.

This action can greatly damage the forklift’s transmission system, as it becomes gradually slower, until it has no more power to move around, which can be an even greater problem in sloping places, with ramps.

With that, it is necessary that you carry out the exchange of parts or even replace the equipment with another one. This way, you have large financial expenses that, with proper use, could be avoided.

Worn tires:

Incorrect forklift steering can cause tire wear. With that, the equipment can be able to grip, providing more difficulty in performing curves and maneuvers. In some cases, it can even generate explosions.

Importance of forklift maintenance:

It is important to emphasize that the maintenance of forklifts is essential for those who always want to maintain the quality of this equipment. There are several ways to perform this procedure. Among them are:

Preventive maintenance: Preventive maintenance is very important, so you won’t have surprises and unforeseen events later. When this service is performed, it is possible to detect problems and failures that could result in bigger problems.

By preventing major technical failures from occurring, you save on possible highly complex corrective maintenance, so you don’t waste time and production is not interrupted.

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