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What are the different scholarships for students who have cleared the 10th standard?

scholarships for students
scholarships for students

Some students can pursue higher studies without worrying about expenses, and some students have to forget their dreams as their parents do not have the financial strength to back them up. This is where scholarships in India come in that assists meritorious students on their journey to higher education. Scholarships offer monetary assistance to deserving students who belong to financially weak families on their higher education journey. Thankfully, India has lots of scholarship programmes.

The following sections will shed some light on some of them – 

9GEMS Education Scholarship

9GEMS Education Scholarship offers meritorious students financial assistance. These scholarships are available in all Global Indian International schools campuses. The financial benefits offered through this scholarship will apply only to undergraduate courses to which the student has applied. This scholarship will cover the expenses of the course that the student has chosen, offered by a GIIS-recognised educational institution.

Eligibility criteria consist of talent-based skills. Students from class 6 to 12 can apply for this scholarship. The tenure for this scholarship is one year.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

This is the digital world, so students these days are tech-savvy from an early age. A student’s overall ability, when it comes to the understanding of gadgets, their applications, and the possibilities these devices can open up is next to none these days. This scholarship is ideal for students who want to make it big in the digital space as it would back them up if they choose to pursue courses in this field in the future.

Students from classes 6 to 12 can apply for this scholarship. It has talent-based eligibility criteria and comes with a tenure period of one year.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Scholarship

The Atal Bihari Vajpayee Scholarship was inaugurated by the honourable Prime Minister of India, Shree Narendra Modi. The scholarship programme aims at offering financial backing to deserving but financially weak students who have completed their Class 10 and 12 exams.

In simple terms, it is aimed at offering financial assistance to students belonging to the middle and lower-middle-class sections of Indian society. This is an excellent step by the Indian government to alleviate the problem of illiteracy from the nation.

Vidyadhan Scholarship

The Vidyadhan Scholarship is the brainchild of the Sarojini Damodaran Foundation.

The scholarship programme’s primary focus is to offer financial assistance to deserving students from financially weak backgrounds who want to pursue higher education. The eligibility criterion is simple – students who have given their tenth or equivalent board exams can avail this scholarship. Currently, the scholarship is offered in eight states across the nation.

They are as follows – 

  • Telangana
  • Gujarat
  • Maharashtra
  • Pondicherry
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Karnataka and
  • Kerala

Till 2019, more than 2800 meritorious students have availed this scholarship. It is offered for covering the expenses of class 11 and 12 of a student, and in case the student continues with good results, the scholarship can also be extended to cover UG course expenses.


Every Indian student’s requirement is different, but the financial burden they need to bear when it comes to higher education at public or international schools is the same. This is why students in developing nations like India should opt for a scholarship if they meet the criteria for the same.