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What are the Different types of pool stains?

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Sometimes one does not know how to deal effectively with the eyesore patches; this is due to the lack of knowledge of the pool stains. Some stains do not seem to go away even after making a good amount of investment in DIY solutions. This is when the  Pool Cleaning Adelaide would be like a boon to get rid of the stains effectively without trying again and over. 

Getting the Pool Service Adelaide on a regular basis is necessary to maintain the hygienic conditions of the pool but also to avoid the expensive cost of getting rid of the pool stains if the pool is left unaddressed for a long time. 

The major aspect based on which these stains are categorized is whether the stains are organic or metallic.

  • Organic stains are caused by environmental elements like algae, leaves, debris, and more. 
  • Metallic stains, on the other hand, are caused due to the increased presence of metals in the pool like copper or iron. The reason for the addition of the metal could vary from lawn fertilizer, algaecides, pool plumbing, well water, and more. 

Depending on the color of the stains, you can identify whether the stain is organic or metallic. 

Here are some of the stains, its colors, and identification of whether it is organic or metallic. 

Blue-Green Stains

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The foremost reason for these stains indicated they are metal stains as they are caused due to presence of copper. Further, if the stain upon touching feels slimy, then it indicates the presence of the algae.

Brown Stains 

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The major culprit of inducing these stains is iron. Further, if the stain appears Brownish-Blackish-Purple, it indicates the major cause of these stains to be manganese. The presence of manganese in the water is natural, but the amount can be balanced by treating it.

Reddish-Blue Stains

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One of the surprising facts about such stains is they occur as a result of berry residue on the pool. It could be possible only if there are berry-bearing trees or bushes near the pool. 

Purple Stains

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These stans are a very specific and clear indication of the presence of copper cyanurate in excess amounts in the pool water, causing the pool tiles and surface to stain. 

Green-Brown Stains

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They are caused if the leaves, plant matter, dirt, and other debris end up in the pool and are left unaddressed for a longer period. These are purely the organic stains that are to be dealt with accordingly. 

How to effectively get rid of the ugly patches?

Some may be DIY enthusiasts who would want to try varied solutions. There is no surety that you would be able to get rid of the stains. 

Instead, one could opt for the  Pool Service Adelaide; the professionals that do the service of the pool are well aware of each of the stains and effective solutions to get rid of these stains. These services are cost-effective and are less time-consuming than the DIY solution. 

A wise choice would save your pool from further damage.