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What are the Different Types of Public Relations That Everyone Should Know?


Public Relations is often misunderstood as Advertising or Marketing. Although it can be used as the Umbrella Term, PR and Marketing are different branches of the same tree. Businesses are getting aware of Public Relations and choosing to hire the top PR consultancy firms in the market. PR is a vast field, and it has a variety of branches, which are suitable for various needs.

Choosing the right type of Public Relations is highly essential. Without the same, it becomes difficult to get the results that you need. Each type of Public Relations works differently and provides varied results. So, it’s essential to assess the needs of the business first and choose accordingly. If you plan to hire a PR consultancy firm for Pr campaigns, you should know various types of PR beforehand. In this post, we will share detailed information on the different types of Public Relations that everyone should know.

Different Types of Public Relations

#1 – Corporate Communications

As the name suggests, it’s the type of PR that deals with corporate communications. The big businesses have to constantly communicate with the investors, shareholders, clients, and the overall industry with the latest happenings, new product launches, important decisions, and many other things. The PR firm handling corporate communications takes care of the content and crafts it properly. Everything is formal in Corporate communication, and it’s highly suitable for corporate businesses.

#2 – Internal Communications

Just like Corporate Communications, Internal Communications is another important part of PR. With Internal communications, businesses can improve their communication and relations with their employees. When the companies become very large, the number of employees becomes vast, and handling the proper communications channel becomes hard. So, the Internal Communications PR consultancy handles everything and helps the executives to improve the communications with the employees. Also, it helps the businesses improve their productivity, as the communication is improved.

#3 – Crisis Management

No business ever wants to hire Crisis Management services. It’s a type of PR, which is useful to control the negative publicity of the company in adverse situations. With Crisis management, the PR companies try to control the negative publicity and compensate the same with positive campaigns. This is the last resort for the companies to tackle the worst situations and help them survive the mess. Although not everyone needs crisis management, it should be available only in the worst situations that affect the business’s credibility in the market.

Final Words

PR Consultancy firms usually excel in one type of Public Relations only because it helps provide excellent services in that category. Businesses should always learn about their requirements first and then choose the PR consultancy firm that excels in that specific type of Public Relations to fulfil your needs.