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What are the Essential Skills to be a Smart Event Planner


If you are seeking better career opportunities in the event management and wedding planning industry, then you need to develop and master a certain set of skills that will make you a sharper event manager than others. As the experts from a renowned MBA Event Management Institute in Delhi, let us elaborate on some of the essential skills you need to be a smart event planner.

Communication skill: At the core of each incredible event manager, there is an extraordinary communicator. From planning, teaming, choosing vendors and venues, to preparation, resource allocation and event promotion, you will require sleek communication abilities at each of these junctures. Thus, communication skill is one of the most essential skills you need to be a smart event planner.

Negotiation ability: Planning the event, handling the teams, vendors, partners needs a tremendous negotiator. If this is not one of your natural traits, observe and learn from your mentors, or talk with a companion or colleague who works in sales for help in mastering the art of ensuring apt closures for a given deal.

Critical thinking and problem-solving attitude: Event planning is mostly a set of dynamic tasks and it needs a problem-solving attitude as a necessary skill. Seeking creative and apt solutions for the numerous obstructions that remain between an extraordinary and ordinary event is a vital part of being an event organizer.

Cool temperament and composure: When all that feels like it’s going down, as it definitely will at some stage, an extraordinary event planner stays cool and quiet under stress. As stress is infectious and it may impact others, so you need to be cool and maintain your composure throughout. This skill is one of the essential skills you need to be a smart event planner and organise a smooth event at the end.

Organised and well-coordinated: In case you’re not an organised individual, you will need to be. Being an event manager requires handling multiple tasks at once. You need to ensure steady performance from various tasks while thinking long term and putting attention to the details.

Tech Savvy: Being an event organizer isn’t all getting your hands dirty. A smart event planner invests a great deal of energy and time into spreadsheets, database software, and project management tools. Acquaint yourself with the tools, techniques and innovation of the business, you will find yourself way ahead of others in terms of event management skills.

Networking: One can’t make the list of the essential skills you need to be a smart event planner without including networking. A decent network goes far in this game, which you should take as an impetus to consistently do your absolute best and endeavour to associate with however many industry experts as could be expected under the circumstances. Not only do you get an advantage in terms of business but also get to learn a lot about the industry.

These skills become more significant if you have a vision of building your own company eventually. Pursue an event management course from NDIEM, a highly renowned event management institute in Delhi and give your dream an assured way to be accomplished.

Learn what are the essential skills to be a smart event planner through the list compiled by the experts from NDIEM, a reputed event management institute in Delhi.