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What are the exciting factors of the NCAA Basketball Tournament?


The NCAA basketball tournament is the most exciting event in the sporting industry. The matches are always based on fun, and the following is not matched. Also, the build and over the tournament cannot be compared to anything in athletics. In this season, most basketball fans are imagining the NCAA basketball tournament. Most fans are craving for NCAA basketball due to the reasons below. The article below will provide you with stats, facts, players, and teams as well. You will get all the information that you need about the NCAA basketball tournament.

The Tradition

While it is difficult to imagine how things were before technology, seeing a world without basketball is impossible. The NCAA basketball championship began back in 1939 with only eight teams. It has seen the overall of 35 different champions since the bracket started. In 1932, John Wooden won the pre-tournament as a defender and then led UCLA to ten of its 11 record national titles. The Bruins have joined with Kentucky (7), Indiana (5), and North Carolina (5) to secure a victory of 32 or almost a half of the 67 NCAA tournaments.

In the current format, with a vast field of 68 for the beginning, 31 teams will attend to win their respective conference tournaments. The remaining teams will be at-large picks from the NCAA choosing group. The committee will always give some spirited and yet needed debate.

Seed Swelling

The recent traditional field of 64 was increased by one in 2001. This was when the play-in match got introduced. While it was a match before the tournament, it counted as a field of 65. Now it would be the first time that each tournament region features a play-in game. This increases to full-field up to 68. The teams will then feature the last four automatic winners and the last four at big selections.

So, this time, it is as if we have been a starting ground before the good opening round. The system is flawless, but it has not yet happened. The system must at least expand the happiness of the entrance to the big dance. Be ready for the confusion, though. It is believed that the beginning four rounds will be referred to as opening rounds. The following round, which we know to be the first round, is the second round.

A Chance to Dance

Getting into the tournament is as enjoyable as the first two rounds of the contest itself. It adds another week to the start of the big dance, with the teams striving to win conference tournaments to verify their tournament parking passes. Most smaller schools, also those that have good records, will be left out. To avoid being left out, they will have to win the tournament or crowns.

Even though this seems unfair in selected scenarios, it is the truth of life. These teams know the fundamentals of basketball truth. So, they understand the stakes and importance of the multi-round tournaments. Also, those teams with postseasons know that even the teams with double-digits can lose the match. They know that they will have to advance for them to dance, and this makes basketball great.

Bracket Busters

We all have that irritating bracket friend who chooses a borderline hilarious last four teams that get bounced at the beginning round, later ruining the whole region if not side or the entire bracket.

Fill It and Forget It

Office pools and brackets debates are also part of basketball tournaments as the playing of real matches. For some week in March, Joey’s average fan becomes as much dreamer as those who get paid well for their expert insights. Each year, it is always possible that when you stew your bracket for one week after the seeds are announced, someone will pick the best mascots. If you have a pick or two to reach the title match, you still have a chance even if your two religions got burned by sweet 16 rolls rounds. Always make sure to be careful. If you over analyze or second guess, you will always win the bet.

Big East Baloney

Apart from 1985, when Georgetown, Villanova and St. John’s consisted of three-fourths of the last four, the lofty Big East expectation for conquering the big dance might not be fulfilled. Joe Lunardi, Andy Katz, and ESPN in an entire love affair, sometimes Big East Conference, is a sure pick-around tournament season. After each year, you are always subjected to the season-long east Coast Kool-Aid celebration directly by media monsters in the east coast region. And also, after each match, we will see several Big East teams get invited to the tournament. Most will get likable seeds. But after several rounds, some big East-seeded schools will start to fall short of their projections.

Given, I know the aforenamed are not alone responsible for the seeding by the NCAA choosing committee, but the year-long exposure and favor in the huge East Coast markets. These markets play a big role in the national perception leading up to the occasion.

In 2009, a hilarious three large East teams got to number one seed for the championships. In the end, therefore, it was the ACC North Carolina who defeated the crown that initially belonged to the Big Ten Michigan State.

Only two of the 22 players come from the big ten conference in the ending national championship matches. Syracuse and UConn represented their conference by securing victories in the years they played. Going back in the 25 years when the tournament increased to 64 teams in 1984, there were nine Big East teams out of 52 teams in the final match, and the ones that won the national championships were only five.


The NCAA basketball tournament has changed over the years. Always make sure to have all the information. Also, ensure to read until the end for you to understand it. The NCAA basketball tournament is always a fan, but it happens once a year in the match. You will enjoy this year’s tournament because the format is a bit bigger than before.