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What are the GIIS MCM Scholarship Values?


The Global Indian International School (GIIS) fraternity believes in helping deserving students from all backgrounds get the education they need to fulfill their potential. The GIIS MCM scholarship values aim to promote a proactiveness culture despite a student’s challenging financial environment. An MCM scholarship requires you to prove that you are a deserving student despite your moderate-income financial background.

The program’s ultimate goal is to help both current and non-GIIS students rise above their current living hardships.

What Values Does the Scholarship Stand For?

The scholarship program aims to help students become well-rounded individuals who can help bring positive changes to their communities.

To do that, students need to demonstrate certain values. 

Here are some of the most potent values that the GIIS MCM scholarship program promotes.

  1. Self-empowerment 

As their name suggests, merit-cum-means scholarships require that a student shows up in a way that demonstrates they are deserving of financial aid. 

The GIIS scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate their willingness, commitment, and consistent effort at getting better. 

That is why despite going out to economically disadvantaged students, GIIS’ MCM scholarship requires applicants to have averaged 60% exam scores in the two years leading up to the application.     

The main goal of that requirement is to remind students that they can choose to rise above their current living situation to take advantage of opportunities to come up when they do.

That way, students can become more ambitious, self-disciplined, and strive for a better life.   

  1. Equal Opportunity to All

The GIIS fraternity prides itself on not discriminating against a student based on their financial, gender, race, ethnicity, or other backgrounds.

The Global Indian International School in Noida welcomes students from different cultures, too. 

The goal is to help students learn to become global citizens in a modern world that requires diversity, tolerance, and collaboration to succeed—even at the individual level.  

  1. Community Service

The Global Indian School’s highlighting MCM scholarship name is an apt example of this. 

The GIIS community offers it through the Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship. 

The scholarship is named after one of the world’s foremost community service role models. So, students who change their lives through the scholarship program are also inspired to empower others in their future communities.

  1. Continuous Improvement 

Students who receive financial support are encouraged to sustain or better their academic performance over the scholarship’s duration. 

The Mahatma Gandhi MCM scholarship runs for two years. But to continue receiving it, students need to outdo the minimum eligibility criteria. 

For example, you’ll need to maintain good conduct and at least 60% scores in academic exams in your MCM scholarship first year to continue receiving the financial support into the second year.

Also, keep in mind that the scholarship is renewable after two years. 

For example, after successfully getting the grant in Grade 9 and 10, you can re-apply to receive more aid to get you through Grade 11 to 12. So, keep improving to get the support you need to reach higher achievement.


India has made significant strides to raise its population’s literacy levels, especially over the last 15 years. 

The 2011 census showed an improvement from 64.83% in 2001 to 74.04% a decade later. 

Still, there remains a large population of illiterate Indians across the country. 

High poverty levels in parts of the country make up one of the top obstacles to accessing quality education in most states.

When a premium scholarship program is available, you can aspire to rise beyond their current financial situation and work diligently towards an ideal future.