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What Are The Qualities To Look For In An Android Mobile App Developer?


Almost every business these days needs a mobile app because it’s the latest craze! When it comes to the mobile market, Android is a prominent participant, accounting for over 88 percent of all smartphone operating systems. You must know how to hire android app developer to create a successful android app. These Android app developers should have a lot of experience with the skills needed to create a unique app for you. Your business may take off if you use an Android app since it gives you a platform where your customers can contact you, and you can learn more about your products. One of the finest solutions is that most business owners hire experts to use an app for business marketing and sales. Customers also enjoy having items delivered to their homes.

As the popularity of mobile apps grows, most people are looking for professionals who can help them in creating Android applications. No doubt, the mobile app market has become one of the most famous markets. Do you have a mobile app and want to upgrade it in the coming future? For this, you will require to contact the Android mobile app development firm to get assistance from professionals.

Let us discuss the skills that one should look into the specialists of the Android application.

List of skills the professionals of Android Developers proficient in

Excellent in Java

One of the most important requirements for Android mobile app development is significant knowledge and experience in Java. To efficiently create immaculate software, they should be aware of complicated java structure and syntax. Developers must understand and have experience with object-oriented programming and OOPS ideas. Variables, lists, loops, and other programming concepts should be familiar to the expert.

SQL knowledge 

The majority of Android applications require a back-end to hold user data. It gives you the ability to manage enormous amounts of data and gives you the option of storing it locally or on the cloud. SQL knowledge is required for database management. You should make sure that the developer you choose is well-versed in SQL.

A specialist in XML coding

You might know that the basic development of every mobile app is done in Java. But XML is required for other features and the aesthetic. However, appearance also plays a vital role in development. Therefore, XML serves as the backbone for any Android mobile app’s layout. Some of the most essential components of all the apps are coded using XML and its standards. It provides a consistent interface for processing data across several devices.

Knowledge of the Android SDK

An Android developer must be well-versed in the Android Software Development Kit [SDK]. The basics should be relatively evident to the Android app developer, which largely deals with layout and views, collecting data from the web, user input, action bar, activities, and their life cycle, saving date and density. In addition, when you hire Android app developer, make sure the specialist has an excellent understanding of documentation and communication. It’s critical to ensure that any Android app developer you employ is skilled in the Android SDK before you engage him.

Experience with Android Studio

The Android studio integrated development environment is essential software that gives you all of the tools you’ll need to create and design an Android app. It is a necessary tool for the creation of any mobile Android app. Perhaps, it offers you all of the necessary tools to make your job quick and simple. It includes features such as tests and debugs that make creating code for an Android app more convenient. It is one of those that allows you to code efficiently without having to worry about bugs. You should make certain that you hire someone well-versed in the field.


Not only do the top Android developers care about innovation, but they also care about the accuracy of your product. The efficiency of an app can be determined by looking at its loading speed, efficiency, utilization, security, interactivity, and user interface. Before releasing an Android version on the Play Store, assure that the Android mobile app development agency has extensively tested and retested.

Cross-platform solutions

As the mobile market grows, customers are becoming more segregated based on the operating system they use. Leading companies like Google are also releasing cross-platform frameworks to bridge the gap across platforms. Android programmers should be able to work with a variety of cross-platform frameworks.


Android development standards change frequently as a result of regular updates. Android programmers should be eager to pick up new abilities and adapt to new situations. They should not critique anything or any bad occurrences to be a good developer.

Wrapping Up

We hope that the aforementioned points will assist you in finding a qualified Android app developer. Although, you can also get in touch with the Android mobile app development company, which is an expert in the development of mobile applications.