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What are the requirements to create a winning strategy?


Introduction: Synergy is a consulting and independent global company with the offices in USA, India, UAE, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and the UK as well. The infrastructure advisory and Project Finance. All the advisory services for a wide range of infrastructure with private and public sector. It like Greenfield and brownfield projects. We have a team that has working experience in more than 60 countries and in five continents s providing services like investment advisory, Project finance, Financial analysis, financial modeling, mergers also financial due diligence, project restructuring as well. Also, they can guide you for the policy reform in the infrastructure sector with a focus on energy, water, transport, education, and healthcare. Our team is dedicated to helping organizations succeed in emerging markets, particularly in the counties like the Middle East and West Asia.  

Why need to create a business strategy 

We started this consulting group help for all business. And we have a significant gap in the market with all the brainpower and expertise. Global consulting firms are not up to the market in the local market. Many times they over-reply the proven strategies that are not good economically or misplaced the project work. Meanwhile in many local managements firms also lack the global perspective and understand of the best to match the level to business mindset.

This type of poor execution of the strategy can be very costly for the company. 

This is very our company comes into play we take the best offer around the world and customize it for the client to outperform their peer in the local markets. We ensure that the plans are done then and there so that there are no delays for the plans and there are no mistakes in writing a business plan. We provide services like.

  • Project finance and bid advisory 
  • Financial modeling and audit
  • Government advisory 

Project finance and bid advisory are one of the best project finance advisory firms with expertise across uncountable sectors, like geographers and financing structures. We work very closely with over clients at every stage of their project development. Our team will also include the service like financial modeling debt raising and the syndication, bid management with technical as well as legal advisors. Also, will do the contract negotiations with off-takers a financing document, and negotiations with lenders. We also have a very strong relationship with technical and legal financial institutions. 

Financial modeling and audit is also one of over areas of experts and has given its vast experience in financial advisory, which has successfully built models for a diverse set and infrastructure project in different geographies areas. Our financial models are designed in a way that reflects the performance of the project during its development and construction with operations. The financial models are prepared by the requirements of the project so it will be different for every company and compliance with the host county tax and accounting standards such as US GAAP and IFRS.

Last words: we have more than 17 years of experience in this field. Our way of working is unique, and we keep an eye on every step of the project for the max profit.