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What are the top 5 Best pre Workouts?


One of the benefits of pre-known exercise is can increase your focus.

Focus is needed for intense exercises, and fortunately, some brands have products that can help you focus.

However, not all of them have the correct dose or combination to influence you.

We have been in the fitness and nutrition industry for almost a decade, and one of the questions we often get is how to choose the best products of so many choices. We understand this struggle and this is why we collect this guide based on actual feedback from people.

So let’s take it in and note the best pre-exercise supplements and pre workout side effects on the market and see if they can really increase your focus.

Our top pre-exercise to focus

1 – Transparent Labs Mass Pre Workout

Transparent Labs is a very popular pre-workout.

There is no artificial sweetener, taste, additives, or dyes. This is a clean supplement. This brand is also known as other supplements such as intra and post-training drinks.

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They choose high-quality materials that not only help with bulking up but also to help concentrate when exercising.

It has several elements that help with focus, including n-acetyl l-tyrosine, l-theeanine, and caffeine anhydrous.


  • There is no artificial
  • Vegan friendly
  • Suitable for bulk building


  • Not a good choice if you are not looking for bulk

Large and clean supplements for my training and sports training. The focus and intensity are realized. Highly recommended!

– Christopher L., reviewer

At 180mg per serving for caffeine, I thought it gave me the right energy boost. It helped me lasers in my focus and work to improve my strength training.

2-4 gauge

4 Gauge claims to have 4 benefits; Increased strength, sharp focus, increased large energy, and intense pumps.

It has Kombo L-Theeanine and caffeine that gives you the best results to focus. I also like how it has a high caffeine content while providing artificial sweeteners.

They only have one flavor – fruit punch.


  • Combo l-theanine and caffeine material
  • Good taste
  • No artificial sweeteners


  • Only one taste

3 – Nitrosurge Black Pre Workout

Let’s start with the list of ingredients.

Most of the number of materials is on their label. At first glance, I am happy with their dose. The only problem I have is that it includes artificial taste.

I tried lemon-lime flavor. It was mixed well, but I was not a fan of it. The only other choice is acidic gummy, which doesn’t sound interesting to me.


  • Increased mental focus.
  • Transparent label
  • Well mixed


  • Have artificial taste.
  • Not fans feels

Pre-training exercise kicks, and I feel like I can focus on my practice and give an additional appearance.

4 – Myth Journey Pre Workout

It contains 200mg caffeine, which makes it one of the higher options on this list. I was disappointed because it didn’t include L-theanine. It does not have a unique combination that allows increased focus.

It does have taurine. This has the potential to help prevent caffeine, but it is not a stimulant intended to focus.

When I tried it, I was exposed to energy hard and quickly. I can encourage myself to additional imparts.


  • High caffeine content
  • Increased energy


  • Don’t have l-theanine
  • It feels rather weak, but at least it’s not terrible.

5 – Original C4 Selusor

It contains artificial colors, sweeteners, and taste. If you are looking for clean supplements, then this is not.

If the additive doesn’t bother you, then let’s see how it helps focus. It does have caffeine and tyrosine. However, it was in an exclusive mix, so I couldn’t determine whether I got a good dose.

Whatever, tyrosine is solely for brain function. So I’m happy to try it.


  • Energy training
  • A good amount of caffeine per serving
  • Contains tyrosine.


  • Exclusive mixture

It gave me energy, focus, and mental clarity that helped me achieve my training goals. This is the best pre workout for strength and focus.