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What Are Your Rights If You Encounter An Accident At Work?


Accidents happening during work hours or on work premises are quite common. They can happen in various ways. Regardless of the case, be it an accident due to a careless colleague who forgot to clean up a wet floor or your boss ignoring your safety; if you do encounter an accident at work due to someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to make a work accident claim in Scotland.

How Does A Work Accident Claim Work?

It is understandable that if someone encounters any type of accident, it can cause the victim a great deal of distress. Therefore, provoking the victim to respond accordingly due to all the physical and mental harm they have faced. So, if you have been involved in such a situation and want to make a claim, our advice to you would be to stay calm and act patiently. This will allow you to take all the necessary steps, and the chances of errors will be significantly reduced. And as a result, your personal and work life will be back on track in no time. We ask you to stay calm for numerous reasons, as claiming for an accident at work can take time. Moreover, if you are worried about not being able to pay the solicitor’s fee, don’t be as HD Claims work on a no-win, no-fee basis which means that you don’t have to pay a fee unless your case is a success. Meaning, your win is ultimately our win too.

Everything You Need To Know About An Accident That Took Place At Work.

If you encountered an accident at work, your instinctive behaviour would dictate you to claim against the responsible party to obtain your deserving compensation. However, your first thought would be to seek medical assistance as soon as possible, or taking a break from work, or finding out who is responsible for your problems.

Nevertheless, as soon as you have recovered from the injuries, your next course of action would most definitely be to claim against the responsible party. So, you exit your home or the hospital and look for the most highly reputable solicitors nearby.

Furthermore, once you get the ball rolling, your solicitor would request you seek a medical professional to investigate and identify the opportunity cost for all the injuries you have endured. This will significantly assess your case and the value of any workplace injury claim.

Once your claim is being processed and is underway, the time duration your case will require depends entirely on the injuries endured and the expertise of your solicitor. In addition, the nature of your claim can also lay a hand in deciding the time your claim would take to reach an outcome.

If this perturbs you, do not worry, as we are not trying to fob you off. The intention for saying all this is to enlighten you regarding all the types of work injury claims and how annoyingly slow they can be at times. Rest assured, if you hire a solicitor from HD Claims, you won’t have to worry about all this, as our solicitors are incredibly professional and will work tirelessly to reach a verdict.

How Much Can Your Claim Be Worth?

Yes, we know. Learning how much your claim can be worth is why you have stumbled on this blog, so if you have skipped the previous entries and scrolled directly here, we recommend that you should read all the mentioned information.

Several factors can affect the worth of your case, and the most significant factor would be the intensity of your injuries. Moreover, loss of earnings, or financial loss, and additional expenses are also some of the factors that can help with the determination. So, in simple words, there is no accurate answer for this as it is all relatively subjective.


Everything involving any personal injury claim is subjective. From how long your case can take to reach a verdict to what happens if your claim is in dispute. If you would like more information regarding workplace injuries, feel free to reach out to us. Our credentials can be found on our website.

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