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What Does It Mean To Dream About Vampires?


Do you remember dreaming about vampires? To see a vampire in your dream symbolizes an aspect of your personality that is dependent and selfishly feed off others. Specifically, the draining may be able to buy him or herself some sort of time. The vampire in dreams points out people who need other’s life force, so they can live without any changes or aging themselves.

Dream about vampires attacking

Dream about vampire attacking you and you running away

Dream about vampires attacking you and you running away from them. It usually means you are feeling weak and vulnerable in a certain situation, and you want to escape from that by running from the dream vampire. According to dreams dictionary, this dream also portrays your lack of courage as well as facing fears head-on to overcome tough challenges ahead.

Dream about a vampire biting you

To dream of a vampire biting you on the neck represents people in your life that are draining your energy or using up more energy than they give back to you. You’re allowing them to feed off of you without getting anything out of it. Someone may be taking advantage of some situation or issue; taking more than their fair share, and leaving you feeling used and worthless. The dream shows this is happening both physically and emotionally. Vampires also represent emo…

Dream about a vampire attacking you

Dream about a vampire attacking you in your dream symbolizes that you are feeling vulnerable to evil influences. Keep positive thoughts and stay strong!

Dream about vampire slaying

Dream about vampire killing or slaying

Another dream may portray you being killed by vampires or dream vampires sucking out your blood. The dream symbolizes a dying part of yourself, therefore, it is normal if you feel stressed after dreaming about the attack going on forever until your life force is completely drained away. A warning dream that makes you question, is there anything I’m doing unconsciously that keeps me sick and tired? What am I not doing for myself?

Dream about fighting off a vampire

To see yourself fighting off vampires in the dream; your subconscious is telling you that it’s time to confront those people who might be draining life out of you. You may need to stop hanging around them so much or limit how often they call on you as a friend, sister, coworker etc., so that way there will more than enough for all and everyone can have their own space!

Dream about a vampire slayer or hunter

To dream of a vampire hunter or slayer is to represent the intervention by someone who will fight against another’s true nature and negative changes. This person has made sacrifices, overcome difficulties, and put an end to dangerous lifestyles as they fight for what they believe in.

Dream about being a vampire

Dream about becoming a vampire

A dream about becoming a vampire is about overcoming a difficult situation or obstacle, then developing and enjoying the benefits of being a socially acceptable person in your dream world. This is also to warn you against taking on other’s negative habits or accepting their bad character traits as yours!

Dream about seeing vampires

Dream about a vampire flying

A dream about seeing a vampire flying is also about the same as dream of becoming a vampire, except that you are exposing yourself to being influenced by negative traits rather than taking them on. These dreams shows that something in your life has changed for the worse and in order to prevent more bad things from happening, you should take action to make changes making adjustments before it’s too late!

Dream about kissing a vampire

Kissing a vampire in the dream symbolizes seduction and sensuality. This could represent your attraction to someone who is both aggressive and ferocious. However deep down you know that this relationship will not lead to anything good for you either emotionally or physically. You find yourself being drawn towards them at any expense of your own well-being.

Dream about lots of vampires everywhere

To dream of vampires and zombies, all walking towards you suggests that a time is coming when social events will be more common than not. Be mindful of who’s motives are for what purpose because they may have ulterior intentions to use your naivety against you if given the chance

Dream about attractive male or female vampires

To dream of beautiful vampires or dream about very attractive vampires suggests that you are in search of someone with whom you can connect.

If the vampire is good-looking, it signifies that this person may be emotionally unavailable and they will want to take advantage of your naivety as well. If however, the vampire appears ugly or portrays a threatening nature then their intentions towards others may not seem very kind.

Dream about a vampire friend

To dream that a vampire is your friend means that you should be cautious of who you are making friends with. You may not realize what they have in store for you and it would be best to keep them at a distance.

Dream about different vampires

Dream about a good vampire

Dream about a good vampire means that you are adventurous and willing to take on different types of friends. The dream may also mean that your outlook on life is changing in a positive way.

Dream about a baby vampire or a child vampire

Dream about a baby vampire or a child vampire means that your children are growing up and getting more independent. You may feel like they too are becoming vampires and you will have to fight for independence in the future.

Dream about a Chinese Vampire or a Jiangshi

Chinese vampires are a sign of good fortune in dreams. They’ll come hopping to you when you express your happiness, so beware if flaunting it or displaying an overabundance of any kind will draw unwanted attention and jealousy that can seriously damage both your life and chi spirit.

Dream about vampire teeth or fangs

To dream about vampire fangs or teeth specifically, symbolizes your dissatisfaction with intimacy and sexuality.

Dream about vampiric animals

Dream about a vampire bat

Dreaming that vampires turned into bats means that they will try to escape or confuse their enemy or enemies by changing form. This dream is important since it warns you if someone around you is no longer trustworthy because they have become desperate and will do anything in order to get away with whatever it is.

Dream about a vampire cat

Though you might find vampire cats to be cute and cuddly, they are more than likely a sign that someone is up to no good. Beware the woman who may look innocent but has something bad in store for your future!

Other vampire terms

Dream about the vampire diaries

Watching the vampire diaries TV show can cause strange dreams. A common dream is that you are in a fight with someone, and then suddenly they turn into one of your favorite characters from the show like Elena or Stefan. This might be because there’s something about those people we really identify with– so now when it happens here, it looks to us as if we’re fighting our way out of reality back to them for help!