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What does Sun Country Travel Insurance Cover?


As we all know, generally, most of the Travel Insurance plans cover the risk related to travel. Bet it any medical emergency, trip cancellation, any interruption in the trip like delays or any mishaps with the luggage that can get lost, stolen or damaged. All the expert holidaymakers always prefer to have travel insurance to be safe while travelling. Depending on the type of travel insurance the passenger is travelling with, they might even be covered for the rental cars and hotel stays if it is included in their insurance plan. Many airlines also provide travel insurance for the safety and security of their customers. Let’s find out what benefits you will receive if you are travelling with Sun Country Airlines Booking

Sun Country Travel Insurance Plan

Passengers travelling on a Sun Country flight, they have the option to buy travel insurance while purchasing the tickets to have better protection from any emergency if required. The Sun Country Travel Insurance plan covers many things to benefit every need and preference of their customer. The insurance plan covers many things to make your travel easier and comfortable. 

  • It covers any baggage delays for more than 24 hours in the duration of their trip. The passengers will be eligible for reimbursement of up to $300 for any personal item they buy. They are just required to keep all the receipts of the purchases made. If needed, their luggage will be tracked for up to 1 year if they get lost or delayed. 
  • The plan also covers medical injuries or emergencies caused during the trip. If the medical emergency requires you to evacuate the flight and shift you to another facility or your home, even then you are fully covered for all the expenses. Although, the plan excludes any pre-existing medical conditions happening anytime in the 60 days before the flight. 
  • The plan even covers if there has been a delay or cancellation of the flight. If your flight is delayed for 3 hours or more, then you can board a later flight and get the reimbursement for up to $750 for your flight purchase. There will be a reimbursement of up to $150 per day that can go up to a maximum of $750 for any additional cost for accommodation and travel costs if there is a delay for more than 12 hours. 

Hence it is always best to travel with travel insurance to have a hassle-free vacation. Travel with Sun Country Airlines Book a Flight and have a safe and comfortable flying experience. 

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