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What Feature to Look Out for When Buying a Ball Launcher for Your Pet?


These interesting play toys are a perfect alternative for owners who are often on tight schedules and may not have enough time to devote to their pets. You just cannot overlook their usefulness. Simple devices like Collapsible Dog Crate, ball launcher and more are a blessing if you have trouble paying attention and don’t have enough time to play with your dog as much as you should.

The ifetch Too work independently by launching or flinging the ball forward. Once you’ve taught your dog how to utilise these wonderful gadgets, they’ll be able to play on their own.


Choose a large dog ball launcher if you have a medium-large dog breed. Consider choosing a smaller ball launcher device if you have a little dog. This would make the launcher more suitable and playful for the pet if they do not have to struggle while fetching the ball. Some breeds even may not be suitable for the fetch and throw the game. Getting the ball launcher for such bred of dogs would be totally pointless.

  • The Usage Location

Where will your daily fetch game take place, indoors or out? If you just have a limited amount of room, choose a product with a short shooting range. The intensity and the distance of the throw would change considerably when the location would change from indoor to outdoor and vice versa. If you are sure that you would use the ball launcher outside or inside of the home, then make sure to choose the one that is suitable respectively.

  • Budget

What is the maximum amount you are willing to pay? Is it worth it to invest in a more expensive automatic dog ball launcher, or will a manual option suffice? The cost of the ball launcher is drastically different for either of these. Point of relief is there are the ones that are affordable too. So, if you are on a budget constraint, this may affect the choice of the ball launcher that you want to get for your pet.

  • The Range of The Throw

Do you want a dog ball launcher that has multiple distance settings so you can vary the exercise? Maybe you’re content with only one distance feature? The stamina of the dogs is different depending on the breed. Some of these would be on your toes all the time, while the other would not bother until you insist on it.

With the stamina, the distance range also would change. Make sure to pick the ball launcher for your pet that is best suitable for their stamina.

Considering these different criteria while choosing the ball launcher would allow you to make the most use of ifetch Too for your pet. It is not just a play toy that you would get for your pet; it is one sort of investment that you are making for your dog so make sure that the ball launcher you pick on various such preferences is worth the money you pay for it.

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