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What Immediate Steps Do You Need To Take If Your Lancaster Home Insurance Gets Cancelled?


There are chances that you may have received a formal notice directly from your home insurance company. In the notice, it has been mentioned that your Lancaster home insurance policy has been canceled. Now, what will be your next move? Don’t worry there’s no need to get panic. Instead, take a deep breath to get the positive vibes and think about how you can again get things back on track to keep your house protected as well as meet your mortgage requirements.

If you are a beginner and it happens the first time with you, here’s what you need to do if your home insurance policy gets canceled. Before starting, let’s first know why would a reputed insurance company cancel your home insurance policy?

Reasons Your Home Insurance Policy Is Canceled By The Insurance Company

A canceled insurance policy be it home insurance or California commercial auto insurance means the coverage of the policy will end before the term is over. In general, there are majorly two reasons for which your policy gets canceled. One is you have failed to pay the premium or the insurance company may suspect any fraud from your side.

Apart from these two major reasons, there could be other exceptional reasons also, including:

  • Too many insurance claims have been filed throughout the period
  • Negative credit score
  • Property is vacant for a longer time
  • You may have a criminal record either in past or present
  • Policy coverage is no longer available in your area because it is included under the high-risk locations category 

If you fall under any of the mentioned categories, chances are your Lancaster home insurance policy also gets canceled or has already been canceled. But not to worry, some steps can help you get back on track and insured your property with the right coverage value.

What You Should Do To Renew Your Canceled Lancaster Home Insurance Policy?

If you receive a cancelation notice of your home insurance, without further ado you need to call your insurance company or the agent from whom you have bought the insurance right away. Conducting direct communication may open up certain opportunities to fix the issues or something can be done to bring the policy in force. 

Depending on the notice you receive, there are steps you can take to remedy the issue.

  • If you missed paying the insurance premium- Still it is not too late, the insurance company usually offers a grace period to homeowners to make the payment. If you manage to pay your entire premium during this grace period, you can continue your home insurance policy.
  • If your property is vacant- If you are no longer living in your home on which you have purchased insurance coverage, you will get a landlord policy instead.
  • Filed multiple claims- Filing more than one claim is not illegal, as long as the claims are valid. Support the evidence of all your claims to ensure that the insurance company believes that you’ve made the eligible claims.

Don’t lose hope so early without giving your effort. Following the above steps with a detailed move could protect you in the event of policy cancellation. Depending on why the insurance company canceled your policy, you can have multiple options to either reinstate your policy or find a new trusted insurer.