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What is a healthy vagina?


Some sexual organs in women are found inside of the body while others are found outside of the body. The vagina is an internal sexual organ in the form of a tube that is about 3 inches long and it extends from the cervix down to the vulva and opens between the legs. Every woman has a different vagina with respect to size, shape, color, smell, etc. Hence, never compare yourself with others’ vaginas. What their vagina looks like may be normal for them but it will not necessarily be what’s normal for you. Every woman’s vagina is unique. A healthy vagina is an essential component of female sexual health. As a matter of fact, your vaginal health, directly and indirectly, affects much more than only your sexual life. It may affect your ability to reach orgasm, desire to have sex, ability to have babies, and so much more. An unhealthy vagina can cause a number of problems that may include increased stress levels, problems in relationships, and an influence on your self-confidence. Being a woman, you should always know the signs and symptoms of an unhealthy vagina.

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is basically completely normal for a healthy woman to experience. Vaginal discharge is the release of cervical mucus or vaginal fluids out of the vagina. The texture and amount of vaginal discharge Estriol Vaginal Cream may vary throughout your menstrual cycle. A normal vaginal discharge is usually clear, slimy, and odorless. If it begins to change color, or become smelly, see your doctor immediately as it could be a sign of infection or something even worse.

Vaginal itching

A healthy vagina does not itch actually. So if your vagina is itchy, it can be a symptom of yeast infection or something similar. Sometimes skin problems such as eczema, lichen sclerosis, or simply dryness can also cause itching. Any such problem needs to be immediately checked and treated by a doctor so that it can be stopped before it gets too late.

Female genital mutilation

Female genital mutilation (FGM) or female circumcision is a procedure in which the female genitals are cut, injured, or changed. It is very painful and may harm the health of women. FGM can cause long-term complications with childbirth, mental health, or sex life. It has no medical reason to be performed rather it is carried out for various cultural, religious, and social reasons in some societies or families. It is declared illegal in some countries. If you have been through this procedure and are worried about its complications and risks that you may be exposed to, get help from a specialist or gynecologist.

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