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What is a Personal Chef?


You’ve finally managed to seek out the time to require a vacation on the Outer Banks together with your family and friends – tons of them. The previous thing you are feeling like doing is cooking for a bigger than average group. Enter the private chef – Imagine this: Your chef steps in to organize a restaurant-quality meal for the entire group then completely cleans the kitchen, leaving no trace behind.

In-home chefs are usually professionally trained with years of experience. They will easily tailor a menu to satisfy your family’s needs. Atkins’ diet, high protein, diabetic, it’s all a neighborhood of their expertise. Food allergies, vegetarians and vegans, they need seen all of them. Intrinsically they consider your family alone. They need already consulted with you to debate and agree on a menu. Some will prepare meals for the youngsters and serve them first. In-home chef services are regularly used for special occasions like weddings or rehearsal dinners.

Personal chef also is an excellent idea for little gatherings, like cocktail parties and luncheons. They will make family dinners a breeze, and there is no more expecting a table during a busy restaurant, driving around trying to seek out a parking lot and no policeman demanding a breathalyzer test afterward. After you’ve rented the house of your dreams, who must leave when a chef can come to you and prepare a delicious, fresh meal? It is the perfect gift for a husband to offer his wife on vacation. Most chefs also can deliver ready-made meals right to your rental home. You’ll order by phone or over the web, and therefore the meals are delivered to you on schedule.

Please don’t mistake a private Chef for a caterer. Having been a catering chef for variety of years I can tell you there’s a marked difference. Your Personal Chef concentrates on individual entrees and presentations, not bulk food preparation for the various. Each is served his or her request. Steaks and prime rib cooked to order, not by the chafer pan. Personal Chef Service is far more individualized and guest specific than catering can allow. If you’re curious about creating a memory during your next vacation, call during a Personal Chef for a very relaxed and enjoyable evening or event.