Home Technology What is a USB port and How We can use it?

What is a USB port and How We can use it?

What is a USB port and How We can use it

In the technical world, USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the most important and used connection to connect computers from external devices. Devices such as cameras, phones, speakers, external hard drives, scanners, printers, etc. USBs can be connected and removed without restarting the computer, which is also known as hot-swappable technology. But always remember to carefully eject your USB device before physically removing it. Windows automatically detects any USB when connected to it and also installs required drivers for it to run smoothly. USB ports are very easy to use, you just need to plug in one end to the computer and another to the device you want to connect. There are many easy tweaks by which you can resolve USB ports not working.

To save yourself some time you can also update Drivers in your computer which might be causing errors, with Driver Updater Software.

Restart your computer-

restarting your computer is very old tech heck which mostly works with minor errors. So try restarting your computer with the USB device properly connected to the system. This will reboot the system and detect the USB device. 

Change power settings- 

switching to USB selective suspend will save power and reduce the battery usage to the USB device. Before changing this setting, set your windows 10 power to low power. 

  • Click on the start option and click on the control panel
  • Click on hardware and sound then select the power option
  • Select the plan and click on Change plan settings then change the advanced power setting
  • Under USB setting select USB selecting suspend setting
  • To confirm click on apply then Ok
  • To make sure this change is applied reboot your computer

Update drivers-

as drivers allow communication between hardware devices, software, and operating systems. Keeping drivers updated is very essential. Broken and outdated drivers slow down the system and bugs happen, which creates errors while accessing. There are two ways in which you can update drivers first it manually and the second is automatically by using any third-party application. First, let us go with manually updating and see if it works:

  • Open search box and type device manager and click on it
  • Select a category and choose from it then right-click
  • Select update option 
  • On the next window that opens select Search automatically for driver updater software
  • This will scan and update the driver

Later Restart your PC and check if your problem is fixed or not. If not, switch to updating drivers automatically using a third-party application. For that, we recommend you to install one of the most downloaded Bit Driver Updater software. It runs a complete scan and updates all the drivers in just a single click.

  • Best performance – keeps your windows drivers up to date and gives the best performance and better hardware compatibility. 
  • Saves time – Bit driver updater saves your time by updating you with the latest best drivers and you don’t have to waste time by searching it all over the internet. 
  • One-click driver update – One-click update makes the work easy and with just a click the application will scan out old, corrupted, broken drivers and updates with their latest versions.
  •  24*7 customer support – it provides help regarding your concerns anytime and that too free of cost. Mail them your concern and you’ll receive a satisfactory response.
  •  Complete system scanning – to detect faults, corrupted, outdated, broken driver-complete system scan is done and later the updating process. 
  •  Backups before fixing – The software is built to backup your data before it begins to update the drivers and gives you chance to restore it later if needed 
  •  Provides access to all the latest versions – it scans and detects the errors and updates us with all the latest versions for better performance.


like USB ports are easy to use, fixing their connection can be also done easily. There are no complications in resolving the USB port not working. Just follow these little tweaks like rebooting the system, checking for any physical damages if yes replacing it, uninstalling the USB host controller, or updating drivers. It will definitely fix your issues.