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What Is an SMS API?


An SMS (Short Message Service) API is a type of API that enables businesses to integrate messaging services with an existing software platform. With SMS API, you can send and receive SMS messages easily and quickly through an application or a website. These APIs helps your business run their operations 24/7, providing customer notification even outside the working hours.

Manual systems such as email usually need a more hands-on approach, which slows you down and makes business communication inconvenient to customers. Depending on human intervention to manage routine transactions can lead to unnecessary errors while draining the resources which could be used more efficiently somewhere else.

How do SMS APIs work?

An sms api connects telecommunication carriers to the internet without having to use a ‘middleman’ like software or platform to affect this functionality. After integrating the SMS API, manually logging in to send an SMS seems like the thing of the past. With SMS API, you get to save money and time, thanks to automated technology.

The biggest benefit of utilising SMS APIs for web applications is that they do not need an internet connection. Given the use has mobile phone access so that they can receive the SMS. It is important to remember that you need a customer’s consent to send SMS to them, or you might get penalised.

Why do businesses use an SMS API?

With SMS API, businesses get the opportunity to send out thousands of SMS messages within seconds automatically. With the help of SMS APIs, companies can work in more professional, efficient and secure omnichannel communication, which enhances customer support and experience.

Following are some reasons businesses can use SMS APIs:

  • Customized messages, including personalised bulk SMSs
  • Promote discounts and sales
  • Allowing two-way communication with customers
  • Confirming bookings and appointments
  • Sending one-time passwords (OTPs)
  • Automating simple tasks to free up resources
  • Provide flexibility with segmented marketing campaigns
  • Using two-factor authentication for security
  • Sending notifications for shipment for tracking
  • Tracking SMS delivery to give feedback on customer service
  • Scheduling time-sensitive SMS at specific intervals

What Kind of Businesses Use an SMS API?

SMS APIs are ideal for organisations and businesses which would benefit more from consistent and streamlined communication with customers. The industries that use an SMS API are:

  • Airlines
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospitality and travel
  • Online and retail stores
  • Shipping and delivery companies
  • Medical offices
  • Political polling agencies
  • Dental offices
  • Government agencies
  • Banks
  • Utility companies
  • Fundraising and campaigning agencies
  • Non-profit and charitable organisations
  • Brokers and Real estate agents