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What is AWS Certification and how to get AWS Certification in London?


The AWS Certification exam is for the person who acts in the role of solutions architect having one year of experience in distributed systems projects with high availability and scalability using Amazon Web Services.

The services available on the Amazon Web Services platform are considered the most advanced, and they are developing in the most dynamic way. Like any other major provider of services and solutions, Amazon introduced certification paths in 2013 confirming the competences of people who work within this solution.

There have been several new certifications since then, but the levels and breakdown have remained the same. We have three levels, starting with Foundational, which is the basis of the basics, as well as Associate and Professional, which indicate that the environment is well known to us and we have spent more than one night or even more than one week on it

In addition, there is a division into three groups depending on our role, i.e. Architect, Developer, and SysOps. The whole is complemented by specializations – Bigdata, Networking and Security.

To get AWS Certification in London search online and compare all the courses of different institutes. Take some trial classes and find the best institute.

Is AWS Certification available in Chandigarh?

The AWS Certified also providing in the Chandigarh – AWS Certification is a complete preparatory training for AWS, teaching concepts and practice (laboratories) of its main services. It is an online course with 40 hours of syllabus, excellent both for the professional who wants to learn about cloud computing, and for those looking for a valuable and recognized professional certification in the Cloud Computing area.

The training reflects the new content of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam (SAA-C02). Through innovative methodology you will have access to excellent quality training at an international level.

SO search online get AWS Certification in Chandigarh.


There is no prerequisite, you can take our course to acquire all the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to successfully complete the exam. During the course, basic to advanced concepts on Cloud Computing and the main services of AWS – Amazon Web Services are covered.

How to Study for AWS exams? What is the best study plan?

To study I recommend that you structure your study plan very well.

Download the exam objectives you want to take and plan your studies calmly.

If you are going to study for a book or video, divide your studies into a total of hours per day that will not overwhelm you.

It’s just that reading the book or watching videos like crazy and without a strategy can make you unable to even finish your studies.

The Golden Tip for get AWS Certification in Chandigarh

  • Planning
  • subject
  • Method

These are the 3 keys to get you far and get your long-awaited AWS certification to become an expert in Cloud Computing!

Developer – Associate – How to get it?

Firstly, what differs one test from the other is the focus it presents, in the case of Developer you do not need to be a developer, or know a specific language just to take the test, the test does not test your programming and development skills, my Background is Infra for example.

Developer focuses on AWS base tools that Devs need to know to develop their applications, such as DynamoDB, SQS, S3, SWF, SNS, CloudFront, Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Formation and VPC which are basically the most charged items (There are more, but these are in that order the most required in my opinion).