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What is Herbal Shisha?

Herbal Shisha

As the popularity of hookah smoking develops, new products are always being developed to enhance or vary the experience. Because herbal shisha is a result of this expansion, newcomers to hookah may wonder, “What is herbal shisha?” Herbal hookah molasses isn’t the most popular option for hookah users, thus this is a regular question. Tobacco-free herbal molasses shisha is the simple answer.

Why would someone select tobacco-free hookah over standard hookah flavoured tobacco for a hookah-smoking experience without the head rush or buzz? Some people don’t enjoy the buzz and want something a little healthier. Some seasoned smokers like experimenting with new brands or flavours. No matter the reason, the option of tobacco-free hookah is out there.

Does Herbal Hookah Have Nicotine?

Because it is a non-tobacco hookah, the fundamental distinction between herbal hookah and flavoured tobacco is the lack of nicotine. The nicotine that comes with cigarettes is also absent. Hookah smokers who don’t want the buzz would appreciate a nicotine-free hookah experience, similar to what they’d receive from herbal molasses.

Herbal molasses is manufactured from different materials than regular flavoured tobacco, such as glycerin, honey, molasses, sugar cane, tea leaves, and flavouring juices because it is tobacco-free. The glycerin creates smoke clouds that are comparable to those seen during a typical hookah session, and the flavours available provide a classic hookah experience as well!

Shisha Brands Without Tobacco

As the market for herbal shisha gets more well-known, several companies are entering it. Hookah Time carries brands like Laziz and the well-known Zanobia Herbal Shisha. Each store has its own line of tobacco-free hookahs with a variety of wonderful herbal hookah flavours.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular tastes from each!

  • Zanobia Herbal Shisha
    Zanobia is quickly becoming a household name in the hookah world, and for good reason. They are dedicated to providing you with sensations that will excite your taste senses by using high-quality, unusual herbs. Watermelon, Mint, Berry, Lemon ice, and Apple, all are Laziz herbal molasses flavours to try.

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  • Laziz Herbal Hookah
    Because Laziz is one of the most well-known traditional hookah producers in the world, you can be confident that their herbal shisha will be excellent. Their hookah flavours are noted for being smooth and long-lasting, and their tobacco-free shisha is no exception. Any of the basic Laziz tastes would suffice. It’s impossible to go wrong with Double Apple, Grape, Fresh Mint, or Lemon.

Try it out for yourself; it just might become your new favourite hookah smoking style! Right now, at Hookah Time, you can find all of these amazing kinds of herbal hookah molasses.