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What is it like to wear a kilt?

Utility Kilts

Well, some people may feel weird because they think people will say that a man wears a skirt.  It happens when you have a plan to wear a kilt in non-Scottish countries mostly Asian countries. These people are illiterate and don’t know knowledge of modern fashion, so you should not try to wear utility kilts or other types of kilts there. They will definitely mock you for what you wear.  You feel comfortable and tension-free when you wear kilts and other Scottish garments in the Scottish-familiar countries.

Similarly, if someone wears the cultural dress of Asian countries in European countries, then people also pass bad comments on him. There is a need for mutual understanding and know-how of the culture. Everyone in this world should know the culture of the other country and should admire them.

Kilt Is A Special Dress

This article on a kilt is for those people who feel shameful or weird while wearing Scottish kilts. The Scottish kilts are the complete dress that has every feature of a perfect dress. Traditionally, the kilt must be worn without underwear but it is not true. There are many Americans and people of other countries who wear kilts with underwear. If you feel shameful then use underwear. Furthermore, the Scottish utility kilts are a comfortable and flexible dress which is good for the man health.  It is an open dress that most doctors advise their patients to wear. You don’t need to change the dress again and again because traditional kilt is suitable for every event.

The people who still think that wearing a kilt is disrespectful then they must understand the health benefits of a kilt. The Scottish kilt is loose fitting which makes it easy to breathe and lose fitting dresses are good for the old man. These Scottish utility kilts are also easy to take off and never put pressure on the stomach. Moreover, these Scottish dresses also free from ratches, itching, and sweating. All the kilt benefits do not present in a traditional looking skirt, pant or a trouser.

You will never wear them for too long hours and never be good for your health. The pants are too tight and it creates ratches on the stomach. As you know, you can’t itch in front of people as it is definitely disrespectful for everyone. Sweating occurs when you wear a tight dress in the summer season. Mostly you feel the sweat on underarms and legs. Sometimes, you need a cool dress and a kilt is the best choice.

Make A Kilt Better Dress

For the people who think it is shameful for wearing kilts due to the open airy dress nature, then some steps should be taken to make a kilt better dress for everyone. These steps should keep in mind which makes this traditional kilt popular in non-Scottish countries such as Asia and the Middle East.

  • Wear With Underwear
  • Wear Long Length
  • Adjustable Fitting
  • Wear With Shirts
  • Wear Utility Kilts

Wear With Underwear

Traditional Scottish kilts wear without underwear but with the passage of time, many people wear this dress with underwear. In this modern era, many teenagers wear Scottish kilts with matching or regular underwear. By wearing the kilts with underwear remove the shameful aspect of the kilt. You will never feel weird whenever wearing the kilts in this manner. Many Hollywood celebrities are now adept at this fashion and wear this dress with underwear.

Wear Long Length

Well, generally the length of the male kilt is 24 inches while the length of the female kilt is 20 inches. The is the regular length size but it is up to you. Our Scottish kiltsshop offers a full customization facility, if you want a longer length then easily select the size and we will make a long-length kilt. As you know the trouser and pant is the full-length dress, so you can wear full-length kilts too. By this customization, the kilts look similar to trousers and pants.

Adjustable Fitting

The Scottish kilts are generally loose-fitting dresses but you can make a kilt adjustable. Our company offers straps and waist buttons for fastening the kilt. You can also wear kilts with belts, which make you a perfect adjustable fitting dress.

Wear With Shirts

The Scottish lovers wear kilts without a shirt or with a Ghillie shirt or a kilt jacket. This is not a compulsory top with the kilts, you can also wear kilts with regular fitting shirts and t-shirts. If you don’t have a shirt then buy any beautiful regular man t-shirt or shirt available in your area.

Wear Utility Kilts

The utility-style kilts look similar to pants and trousers because these kilts have belt loops, pant-shaped pockets, and flap pockets. There is also amazing stuff available in the utility kilts which never feel weird when you wear these kilts.

By following any of the above steps, you will never feel shameful while wearing the kilts in a public place of non-Scottish countries.