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What is IVR and why is it important for companies?

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Interactive Voice Response or IVR system refers to the tool that various companies use to collect the data and route calls without answering the phone call. This service is beneficial for the companies that manage the large call volumes and allows the agents to focus on more complicated tasks. IVR helps to collect the information and route calls to the right agent.

The main motive of the IVR software is to route the call to the right person without wasting time navigating the call volumes. Their software helps collect the information on callers, reject the unwanted callers, and provide you with 24-hour services. This service ensures that you only have to answer back the call when it’s required.

How IVR Works?

IVR works with the DTMF tones, which helps button clicks create a sound at a specific frequency. This is an interactive part, where the customer clicks their answers, which makes a sound which IVR system can recognize as an answer. The most advanced IVR platform usually includes Natural Language Processing(NLP) which provides a conversational self-service experience. Phone trees with the IVR solution help support the line and call centers that help support the phone calls for every live agent. With the help of Artificial Intelligence(AI), IVR can attempt to route callers to the required agents. This system works by sending the incoming calls to the software and planning the prerecorded messages to the users.

What are the benefits of the IVR system?

IVR system helps small or mid-sized businesses to improve their relations with the customers. Here are some of the benefits it provides, which includes:

Look more professional
With a well designed IVR software, the businesses can be available for their customers for 24 hours. It helps to provide satisfaction to the customers, thus helps in improving the customer services. Rectifying the customers’ issues help to gain a satisfactory response from the customers and provides a more professional outlook of the business.

Routing calls to the right person or suitable agents help you save a lot of time. With an IVR system, most of the unwanted calls are screened out so that there is no wastage of time in answering all the calls.

Personal experience
The user can always personalize the voice response to make it seem like the customers connect with the real person on the call, which can help them to connect with the right agent or the experts.

This modern technology helps the experts collect the information they need before they answer a phone call. This allows the experts to get the insight they need to provide the customers’ adequate services.

Save time and money.
Using the IVR software, one can remove the expense of hiring the live agents to screen out and route the incoming voice calls. This system even allows the customers to skip the options that they don’t need to listen about.

Better mobile experience
An IVR is a mobile-optimized customer service that allows the customer to reach support even when they are out and about.

Using the IVR technology helps to create a seamless blend of agent-based customer service. It helps to give priority to customer services without increasing the infrastructural costs. A business usually becomes successful when both the employees and customers are provided with the correct tool to exceed. mTalkz is the best IVR Service provider in India provides full-fledged IVR solutions to enhance the customer experience. They offer their services across the world and can be customised for International requirements. With their tech-advanced software, the customer conversations are automatically recorded and stored on the cloud for future reference. mTalkz ensures an effective follow up of missed calls and timely notification of the same.