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What Is Kraft Paper and Why Is It A Popular Choice?

Kraft Paper Roll

Kraft paper is a well-known and most used packaging material but has an extensive range of application. Kraft paper is manufactured using Kraft process in which the wood is chemically converted into pulp. The pulp then converted into different forms of paper products.

Kraft paper has high elasticity, high tera resistance and strength. They are 100% eco-friendly and thus can degrade and decompose naturally. They can also be recycled and used in making of new packaging material.

Benefits of Using Kraft Paper in Packaging

Lightweight: Since they are light in weight, it does not add much weight to the package which contribute in keeping the shipping cost down without compromising on the item protection. The durability and flexibility of the kraft paper help in proving more protection to the products in transit.

Create A Sophisticated Brand Image: Kraft paper is an eco-friendly option and this gives a positive impact towards our consumers Also, the quality and brown colour of the packaging gives a simple and appealing look that grab attention of the customers.

For Business: Kraft paper rolls can also be used for promoting your business. The quality of the kraft paper is good enough to be printed. Therefore, the company logo, highlight of the brand and the product and other important information can easily be printed on the packaging of the product.

In ecommerce businesses, it can also be used for making personalised cards for customers with the message written on it.

Types of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is available in several forms: natural brown, unbleached, heavy-duty, and bleached white.

Virgin Kraft Paper: They are best for using for lifting heavy objects. The virgin kraft paper is made using durable fibre and its low cost makes it the best option for heavy duty applications that require higher level of tear resistance. They are good for printing as well therefore, can be used branded packaging and protective layering.

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper: They are not as durable and tear resistant as virgin kraft paper but are more environmental-friendly option and has enough strength for applications like void filling in boxes or wrapping items. Like virgin kraft paper they too are lightweight.

Black Kraft Paper: The most common use of black kraft paper is for durable backing of frames. They can also be used as in making art and craft projects.

Coloured Kraft Paper: Kraft paper that is available in every colour of the rainbow are best used in art and craft projects, backing of bulletin board, in scrapbook and other fun craft applications. They can be used in packing of items used by children and parents.

White or Bleached Kraft Paper: White kraft paper has great strength and durability and give a powerful impact with clean appearance. They can be used for wrapping items as protective layering. They are wear and tear resistance as well.

Printed Kraft Paper: These are versatile packaging and wrapping material that can be used by industries in creating brand awareness. They can be used for wrapping food with printed logo and information or by garment manufacturers in keeping the sheets inside the garments with printed information about the brand.

Kraft papers are the best and affordable means of advertising and improving the look and feel of the product and brand.

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