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What is my Path to a College Degree?


For many people going to college with the aim of graduating, the path to a college degree is not as simple as simple as it seems. Nowadays, a majority of college students experience a rough ride while pursuing a college degree. Some attend multiple institutions, switch their majors and even momentarily stop and restart along that path. With the millions of people attending college in the United States, earning a degree has become a complicated affair.

How do I Choose a College Major?

When choosing a college major, you should start by self-assessing or examining your interests. What excites you? Which careers or jobs appeal to you? If you are not sure of what to choose, check college career centers, which administer various self-tests to help you find answers to some of these questions.

Examine your abilities. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Do you have any skills? You can start this self-assessment by reviewing what you studied in high school. Which subjects were you good at? Did you participate in any extracurricular activities? What did you learn by taking summer or part-time jobs?

Also, examine what you consider to be valuable in work. You can think of things like making a positive impact on others, working alone or teamwork, pacing, status, security, stability, group affiliation, or working under pressure. Conduct a career exploration which includes careers or jobs related to most college majors. You can go further and learn more about different occupations, including future trends in your preferred career.

Be honest when evaluating your options by stopping for a brief reality check. Would you like to be a doctor but are poor in sciences? Does the occupation you yearn for require an advanced degree? Do your future commitments prevent you from undertaking graduate studies? The reality check will help you get around these hurdles. However, you face your obstacles and be reasonable about whether you can conquer them.

After you are clear about what you want to study in college, you can now apply for admission in your preferred college or university. Here, you will write a college admission essay, which needs to be a persuasive essay as you need to convince the admissions board to accept your application.

You have a unique personality, interests, and background. This is an opportunity for you to tell a part of your story that relates to what you want to study in college. The best way to inform the admission panel about you is to write a thoughtful and personal essay about a meaningful thing to you. Remember to be genuine and honest, which will illuminate your unique qualities.

An admission essay determines if you will be accepted in the institution or not. As such, it needs to be written well. To ensure that the application essay is flawless, you can buy essays online from writing service professionals. These professionals specialize in writing custom essays for their clients according to their instructions and requirements. Therefore, to increase your chances of being accepted to your preferred college and start your path to a college degree let the writing professionals help you.