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What is Parkinson’s Disease? And What are the main causes and symptoms of it?


What is Parkinson’s Disease? Overview


Parkinsons disease can be defined as a progressive disorder of the nervous system that begins with mild terror in one hand usually. So, in this article, we will discuss the details of this nervous disorder. Therefore, delve into the article without any delay.




The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can vary from person to person. The initial symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are mild, and usually, people don’t notice. Let’s discuss the main symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.




A tremor commonly starts in a limb in your fingers or hand. In addition, you may rub your forefinger or thumb back and forth, which is named a pill-rolling tremor. You may also feel like your hands are trembling even when you are at rest.


Slowed movement


Parkinson’s disease can alleviate your movement, and it may become difficult for you to do convenient tasks. If you are a patient of Parkinson’s disease, it may become challenging for you to leave a chair.


Rigid Muscles


In this disease, the muscles in any part of your body can become rigid. This stiffness can be painful and can decrease your range of motion.


Impaired Balance and Posture


If you suffer from Parkinson’s disease, your posture may become stooped. Additionally, this disease can become the cause of balance problems.


Loss of Automatic Movements


Parkinson’s disease can reduce your ability to perform unconscious movements such as smiling, blinking, and swinging your arms while walking.


Changes in Speech


If you are a sufferer of Parkinson’s disease, then you may speak quickly, slur, softly or feel hesitation before talking. Additionally, your speech can become more monotone instead of having inflections.


Writing Changes


You may find it difficult to write; moreover, the writing may look small.




In the victims of Parkinson’s disease, some specific nerve cells in your brain breakdown or die slowly. Most of the symptoms appear owing to the loss of neurons that are responsible for producing a chemical called dopamine in your brain. When the level of dopamine drops down, it results in an abnormality of your brain activity, and eventually, it will cause impaired movement and other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The main cause of Parkinson’s is still unknown, but multiple factors may be the reason for Parkinson’s disease.




Researchers have revealed that particular genetic mutations can become the reason for Parkinson’s disease. But it is not common and rarely happens in some cases where many family members are affected by this disease. 


Environmental Triggers


If you are exposed to specific environmental factors or toxins, your chances of getting Parkinson’s disease will elevate. It is worth mentioning here that it is not a serious risk.


Final Thoughts


To sum up the discussion, we would like to say that we have discussed all the possible causes and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in this article. So, if you have any symptoms, we will advise you to visit your doctor as soon as possible.