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What Is QuickBooks Error 15106?[With Steps To Fix It]

QuickBooks Error 15106
QuickBooks Error 15106

QuickBooks Error 15106 is one of the leading 15xxx errors. This error displays an error message on the screen when you update QuickBooks or payroll. The error message displays, “Error 15106: The update program is damaged” or “Error 15106: the update program cannot be opened”. This error hampers the update function, whether it’s QuickBooks or Payroll. The error arises majorly because of a lack of administrative rights and firewall restrictions on QuickBooks. You can read the blog carefully to resolve this error as it covers the solutions and causes in depth.

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Causes Of Error 15106 QuickBooks

There are several reasons accountable for this error, so it’s best you understand the reasons well. Not knowing them can lead to confusion and wrong solutions. You might feel lost while resolving this error. To get a direction, it’s a must to understand the causes. Some of the reasons are given below:

  1. Incomplete or partial installation of QuickBooks.
  2. Installing WebRoot antivirus is a potential cause for this error. The antivirus thinks of the QuickBooks installer as a threat and blocks its operations.
  3. Your user account does not have Windows administrative rights.
  4. Wrong Windows User Account Control settings.
  5. Installing any third-party antivirus or anti-malware programs.

With the reasons in your mind, you can now go through the solutions discussed in the next section.

Methods To Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error 15106

You can certainly attempt multiple solutions to resolve this error. However, what truly matters is the cause of your error. Attempt or look for a method as per the cause of your error. Doing that will save time and will lead you to a reasonable solution. To resolve this error, go through the methods given below.

Method 1: Reset QuickBooks Updates

You can reset QuickBooks updates for QuickBooks to function better. Doing so will help you resolve multiple errors. Implement the measures given below:

  1. Open QuickBooks. Choose Update QuickBooks from the Help tab.
  2. In the Options tab, choose Mark All.
  3. Click on Save. Now, move to the Update Now tab.
  4. Tick the Reset Update Now checkbox. Click on Get Updates.

Follow the following set of measures if these steps can’t resolve your error.

Method 2: Disable User Account Control(UAC)

Disabling User Account Control from Windows settings can help you tackle this error. Execute the measures given below to resolve this error:

  1. You can directly search UAC if you are using Windows 10 from Cortana search.
  2. For some other operating system, you can click on the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel.
  3. Search for User Account Control from the search bar.
  4. Click on User Account Control settings. Move the slider to Never Notify.
  5. Click on OK to save the changes.

QuickBooks Error 15106 should get resolved with the steps that are mentioned in this blog. For some other reason for your error, you might have to try a different solution for this error. You can know the cause of your error from the causes section of this blog. After this, you are good to go with the resolution for this error.

For any support or query, always make sure to reach out to the QuickBooks Professional Team at (1-855-948-3646).