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What Is the AWS Certification?


AWS Certification is the gold standard in online cloud computing. AWS Certification verifies your skills and mastery in the most prestigious cloud computing virtual platform. As a member of the AWS family, you can demand higher pay and career advancement in your selected industry. What’s more, you can leverage your certification to bring additional value and meaningful work to the workplace. AWS specialty certifications validate your latest skills in targeted IT fields, including big data, information security, and network management.

A AWS Certified Specialist (ACE) may focus on one or many of the following areas: business development, infrastructure management, data center design and implementation, application development and maintenance, software application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, desktop service management, or mobile application development and maintenance. An ACE can also specialize in a specific subset of these areas. As an example, an ACE may focus on business development while also applying automation and other tools to improve process productivity. These diversification tactics have proven to help employees gain more job satisfaction as well as increase the company’s profitability.

AWS Certification provides detailed insight into topics most relevant to the areas of expertise of a certified specialist. To take the AWS Associate-level exam, students must first successfully complete the general-purpose AWS certification exam. Once a student has passed the exam, he/she can then enroll in an approved training course. The training course prepares students to pass the associate-level exam.

The four main aspects of the AWS Certification Exam includes: overview of the enterprise, data encryption and policy enforcement, configuration management and deployment, and diagnosing and recovery. The overview of the enterprise describes topics important to an individual seeking to become an AWS Services Partner. Data encryption and policy enforcement cover topics pertinent to managing access to data and implementing measures to prevent outside attacks. Installing and configuringaws services is also addressed. Finally, configuring and deploying aws services is covered.

Students will be required to complete at least six months of hands-on lab experience at the AWS Professional Institute. Upon successful completion of the lab, students will be given the AWS associate certification. The exam details are as follows:

The minimum educational requirement to take the exam is a diploma or the equivalent. In order to be eligible for the exam, you must fulfill the associate technical degree requirements with at least two years of relevant work experience using AWS resources, at least two years of relevant work experience using AWS APIs, and at least three years of passing grade at the college level. To be eligible for the exam, you must not be current AWS employees and you must have at least two years of completed college work using AWS APIs.

The exam consists of two hundred and ten multiple choice questions covering all aspects of AWS usage. Students will be able to choose from two different study books – one of the market leading AWS E AWS Solution guides and one of the popular guide series written by AWS instructors. The exam is categorized into two parts. In the first part, students will be tested on basic skills using real case scenarios from actual AWS customer experiences. In the second part, students will have to demonstrate their knowledge of the AWS APIs to present real-life experiences using an on-demand, semi-customized AWS platform.

Taking the exam is not difficult. It will require about two and a half years of focused study to fully prepare you for the exam. However, because AWS offers a wealth of support to help candidates prepare, we strongly believe that anyone who successfully completes the exam can expect to earn their AWS certification within three years. As always, if you’re not sure you have what it takes to complete this challenging exam, contact us to discuss your options.