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What is the Difference Between Desert Safari Dubai and Abu Dhabi?


Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the topmost locations of interest that come into the spotlight when planning a trip to the UAE. They bring an incredible blend of the current day’s way of life and the customary Arabic culture. Since the desert is an indistinguishable viewpoint between the two, the vast majority of tourists who visit these urban communities make the desert safari a necessary activity in these cities due to the experience being supremely unmatched. People usually take out a couple of days for this out-of-the-world tour in order to go through the vast stretches of sand and feel the severity of life.

However, the question that consistently comes up in people’s minds is that among these two cities, which one should they choose for their desert safari adventure? Despite the fact that both Abu Dhabi desert safari and Dubai desert safari appear to be similar, a couple of viewpoints are novel. It is significant that vacationers should consider them while planning their tour.


While on your safari trip, you would want a luxurious and state-of-the-art experience. In Abu Dhabi, you can get amazing and wide varieties of Arabian delicacies, which are generally considered superior to that of Dubai. The music and entertainment opportunities are also available at both places, along with many nighttime camp activities such as henna tattooing and falconry photography.


Desert Safari

Speaking of photography, however, Abu Dhabi again comes out on top since it has some of the largest sand dunes of the world that provide chances of catching sceneries that would otherwise be difficult to catch in Dubai.

Extreme Sports

As mentioned earlier, Abu Dhabi has one of the largest sand dunes in the world. This makes the dune bashing experience all the more nerve-wracking and thrilling. Conquering them feels like a challenge to overcome! Moreover, the adventure sports section of the Dubai safari trips is more of a formality because of lesser time allocation and barely satisfactory condition of the vehicles such as dune buggies and quad bikes.

Value for Money

When you are traveling to such exotic locations, surely you don’t worry about the costs of the trip. Nonetheless, you should ensure the guarantee that you will be getting value for your money. The correct incentive for money becomes a huge factor in the overall enjoyment of any trip. 

Abu Dhabi safari trip is in general, costlier than Dubai safari trip, yet the service quality is superior to Dubai’s tours. At the surface level, the contracts seem to offer the same experience. However, you will later realize that the Dubai desert safari will either offer a substandard service that is available in Abu Dhabi or the certain service would be downright unavailable. An example of this is at the start of the journey, Abu Dhabi operators would pick you up in first-class private luxury vehicles from your hotel, while in Dubai, you would have to gather up at a station in buses. 

This cost-friendly nature of the Dubai safari tour makes it more popular among people. However, it also means that the usual places in it will get swarmed by people, especially at the night camps. Abu Dhabi is better in this regard since it will offer up privacy with fewer people around, allowing you to have some intimacy. This is why even the locals would prefer Abu Dhabi’s safari trips.

Camel Riding

Camel riding is a feature that seems to be unique to the Dubai Safari trips. Exploring the desert wildlife while sitting on top of a camel is an incredible experience. You really understand the interesting culture of the UAE deserts and the lifestyle of people living within them, allowing you to understand their traditions. While Abu Dhabi desert safari focuses more on convenience, Dubai desert safari provides this unique experience for the sake of providing tourists with memories worth cherishing. 


The destinations of Abu Dhabi safari points are located at a more convenient distance from the main city as compared to those of Dubai safari trip. The roads connecting them are lavishly maintained as well, making for a relaxing experience right at the start of the trip. They also provide an opportunity to witness the renowned oil pipelines of Abu Dhabi, which make up for an attractive sight. 


The desert safaris of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are both considered amazing traveling targets. Both are very similar to each other, yet also have their own merits at the same time. Dubai Desert Safari trip offers a budget-friendly experience worthy of opting for. On the other hand, the Abu Dhabi desert safari makes up for its high cost by providing an equally high quality of the trip. In the end, you as a tourist need to prioritize what you are looking for in your experience of these deserts. Ultimately, both will provide a marvelous adventure to remember for ages to come!