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What is the difference between Pediatric Dentistry and Family Dentistry?


Many parents think that their children do not need a pediatric dentist as their family dentist offers pediatrics or can help with their kids’ oral health. But that’s not the right way to think, as there are a lot of differences. Our well-known pediatric dentist in Fort Mill, SC, after your visit, will help you understand the difference. 

You might have always come across that some dentists call themselves board-certified pediatric dentists while others are just family dentists. Well, there is a considerable difference between a Family Dentist and a Pediatric Dentist. Here are a few which will help you to understand which one you should choose for your kid: 

  • Educational variations between Family dentist and pediatric dentist: 

A family dentist is a tag some general dentists give themselves indicating that they are treating adults and children both. While pediatric dentists are specialists rather than general dentists, as they complete additional years of training. Post their graduation from dental school pediatric dentists complete their two years of residency training, in which they are trained in advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures, kids psychology, and clinical management, radiology, oral pathology, child development, oral or facial trauma management, caring for kids with special needs, general anesthesia and conscious sedation. 

  • Understanding of anatomy and experience dealing with primary teeth: 

Baby teeth have a huge impact on building a lifetime of oral health. Kids have fewer teeth as compared to adults. These primary teeth help children to speak and chew and enhances the proper growth of permanent teeth, that is the reason it is important to take care of these teeth. Pediatric dentists are well trained to understand the anatomy of these teeth and have experience dealing with primary teeth. 

  • Knowledge of Mouths and Jaws development: 

Pediatric dentists have a deep knowledge of how to work with jaws and mouth which are still developing. They are trained to be aware of the delicacy of kids developing jaws and teeth and understand how to intervene early and save them from more serious problems in the future. 

  • Pediatric Dentists knows how to deal with your kids’ anxiety 

It’s not easy even for us being adults, and some of us have dental anxiety issues. Kids do not like to see dentists or any other medical care units, this is the reason pediatric dentists are trained well with kids psychology, they know how to calm your kid and create a bond by being playful and sweet with them they know well how to handle kids dental anxiety. Moreover, pediatric dentists’ office setups are kind friendly, and unique, with all the toys around, colorful walls, and other things which your kid probably loves being around which distracts them and helps trust the dentist. 

Your kid’s oral health is a crucial part of their overall health. You have to take of their oral to build a great foundation for lifetime wellness. If you are looking for kids’ dental cleaning in Fort Mill or dental crowns in Fort Mill then GoKids Pediatric Dentistry is the right place for your kid. Our expert pediatric dentists and loving staff will make your kid start getting excited about their dental appointments. 

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