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What is the lease of printers and copiers?

printers and copiers
printers and copiers

In our company, we offer not only rental – it is also possible to lease printers and copiers. Thanks to our solutions, it will be possible to adjust the service in 100% to the expectations of our clients, who will choose for themselves what kind of cooperation they are most interested in.

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Leasing of office equipment

Let’s start with what is this form of cooperation? First of all, it is distinguished by the conclusion of a civil law contract, on the basis of which it will be possible to agree on the rules of using the equipment.

The printer or copier still officially belongs to us and we are responsible for servicing it or supporting you in the event of a breakdown or other damage. It is worth knowing that the leasing contract usually provides that in the event of any major defect (i.e. when, for example, we have to take the device to our office so that we can diagnose and remove the failure), you get a replacement photocopier. It is always similar in standard and functions to the equipment you rent. So it is not possible that we will leave you for a few days without any equipment that you deserve – after all, you pay for it!

Charges for photocopiers and printer

In terms of leasing, fees are of course an important aspect. It is worth knowing that under the contract, we are most often obliged to supply you with toners. So you don’t have to order and pay for them on your own. Caring for this is our task, however, it will be necessary to report the need to us when you notice that the toner is finished – then we will be able to take care of delivering the ink to you on time, and you will not suffer from the inability to use the equipment and printing for a day or two.

However, this does not change the fact that unless you are subject to a toner replacement fee, the leasing contract usually specifies exactly the fees that you have to pay for the number of photocopies and their type – that is, you have a kind of price list for black and white and color prints. However, these are not high costs, and the entire investment costs much less than buying your own device.

Why is leasing profitable?


Our leasing services will be used in particular by small and medium-sized companies that need office equipment, but their use is not so intense that it is worth buying new equipment (although then often the rental works better, which we also offer as part of our services. ). However, photocopiers and printers are expensive investments – in companies they cannot be the same variants that we use at home, because home variants mean lower quality, slower work, systems not adapted to continuous and intensive work. The right equipment costs a lot of money, and not all companies have the necessary resources to be able to spend them on the purchase of expensive equipment.

Leasing is also an ideal solution for young companies that are just emerging. Regardless of the profile of the company, we all know that it is necessary to equip the office with the right equipment. Photocopiers need to be efficient and robust – so that they can be relied upon. Their reaction time should be fast, so that if an employee needs to quickly print a document for himself or a customer, he should not have to wait for the capricious machine to decide to go live. So it is worth taking care of higher-end solutions, which, unfortunately, are often unavailable in terms of price – unless you decide to lease!